A Video That's Making Us All Want To Go Ski Biking

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We’ve run articles on ski biking before but here in the office we’ve been a little like ‘OK… looks alright I suppose’.

This video however is really making us want to get out there and try it. We understand that it’s really easy to learn, so the idea of quickly and easily being able to get up to a level where you can ride in and out of trees and Narnia like scenery makes a heap of sense to us. Especially to the novice snowboarders who can only dream of being able to steer round a tree and are still in need of obstacle free nursery slopes.

We’ve heard that quite a few resorts have invested in demo fleets this year, so whether you’re an expert snow bird looking to change it up for a day, or your bum needs a change of scene after too many days on the nursery slopes, then it could well be worth your while sniffing out a bike to try.

Want to learn more about ski biking? Read on…

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