ENVE G Series Dropper for Gravel and Racers

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The ENVE G-Series Dropper post weighs 395g, can be cut to fit the riders need, features stealth routing, has a drop-bar specific lever that is accessible from both the hoods and the drops and has 40mm of travel.

Suitable for fixing saddle bags and designed for 27.2mm seat tubes but comes with shims for 30.6mm and 31.9mm.

Press Release

June 28, 2022 – Ogden, Utah, USA – ENVE is pleased to introduce the G Series Dropper Post, a gravel-specific dropper seat post that promises to improve the off-road, drop-bar, ride experience. The latest addition to ENVE’s gravel-specific G Series product line was inspired by and proven over many gravel miles in diverse locations around the world. With 40mm of drop, the lightweight dropper post weighs 395 grams and features an inverted design that can be trimmed for up to an additional 50g of weight savings.

“Gravel riding and racing is dynamic and having a dropper post in your toolbox can provide riders with a meaningful advantage due to the increase in control and therefore confidence that lowering your center of gravity delivers. With that in mind, we set out to develop a lightweight dropper post that ensured confidence inspiring reliability in every aspect,” stated VP of Consumer Experience, Jake Pantone.

The inverted design of the dropper post allows for the use of a saddlebag, sheds debris more efficiently, and most importantly, allows for a more reliable cartridge mechanism in a 27.2mm package. Similarly, the cartridge placement allows a rider to cut the post to their desired or minimum required length for additional weight savings.

“Dropper posts are an entirely new product line for ENVE, but the foundational elements that are core to all ENVE products are still found within the design. We make products that make your ride better, and we firmly believe that a dropper post has the ability to transform your gravel riding experience,” stated Marketing Manager, Neil Shirley.

Each post includes shims that increase the post diameter from 27.2 to 30.9mm and 27.2 to 31.6mm to ensure compatibility with nearly any frame plumbed for a dropper post.

In addition to developing the dropper post, ENVE also tackled the challenge of a drop-bar compatible remote dropper post lever.

“Nearly as challenging as the post design itself was the design of our new dropper post lever. It is both challenging from a spatial packaging standpoint and a functional ergonomic standpoint. After literally dozens of printed and machined iterations, we opted for the design that we and our testers favored most. The design features a dual actuation push and pull design that allows actuation from the hoods and the drops. In addition, the lever is canted and textured for improved function and ergonomics. As far as drop-bar remotes are concerned, we believe our lever strikes the best balance of function, aesthetics, and ergonomics,” stated Jake Pantone.

The G Series Dropper Post is compatible with internally routed frames only. The new dropper will function with most dropper post remote levers, including left shifters that convert to dropper post levers.

The G Series Dropper Post and Lever are available now at ENVE retail locations, including ENVE.com. The dropper post retails for $325 USD, while the dropper post lever retails for $65. [UK pricing TBC]


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