Santa Cruz Extends Reserve Wheels Reach To Road And Gravel

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Comin’ atcha

You’ll know of Reserve wheels thanks to its launch by parent brand Santa Cruz. However, given that Santa Cruz is also part of the family that holds the Cervelo road brand too, the reach of the Reserve wheels brand obviously has wider potential, so the Reserve brand is off on its own, complete with its own new website at

The Reserve Wheels road line is expansive, with deep section wheels, all round wheels and climbing wheels for road bikes. For the moment, though, at, our attention is taken up with just one new product and that’s the new Reserve gravel wheels. The Reserve 32.

They’re for this kind of thing…
reserve 32
Coming to a Cervelo near you soon – and shops after that.

Reserve Wheels Reserve 32

The new Reserve 32 wheels (and rims…) are going to be attractive to competitive riders, whether they race or not. As Reserve says “Most gravel products are aimed squarely at the rider looking for a pleasant day out in the country… But for those of us looking to toe the start line in the morning, stay with the group at the front, and contest the win, the Reserve 32 is the weapon of choice.”

  • ●  Gravel race. Purpose built for speed in the rough thanks to the tall profile.
  • ●  For those who want to push the limits of what a gravel bike can do, one gnarly descent at atime.
  • ●  Tubeless ready so you can float over the rough stuff.
  • ●  24mm inner rim width and designed to pair perfectly with 32c tires.
  • Depth: 32mm Width: 24mm, 24 spokes
  • Weight: 410g (rim); 1515g (DT 240 set)
reserve wheels
Who needs an excuse for nice shots like this? Take us there!

We’re still waiting for confirmation of UK pricing, but it seems that until next year (next actual year, not model year) that the Reserve gravel and road wheels will be appearing on complete Cervelo road and gravel bikes, so for now, that doesn’t matter.

In the meantime, check out the new website

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    You could buy these and I’m sure they are lovely or you could possible buy a whole very good bike?

    I think the idea is that they’ll either come fitted to a very nice bike, or they’ll be the finishing touches on your already very nice bike…

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