The 2020 Naughty Frontier – Gravel Enduro Launches

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The team behind the hugely popular Naughty Northumbrian mountain bike enduro race has just announced a gravel version, called the Naughty Frontier.

2020 naughty frontier course
Not just another massive gravel riding event…

What it ISN’T is a long 200km non-competitive event. What it IS is a multi-stage enduro race for gravel bikes in the style popularised by events like Grinduro. The organisers are promising five timed stages, loads of climbing and descending – and being part of the rest of the Naughty Northumbrian enduro weekend, there’ll be loads of beer, food and socialising to be done.

naughty frontier in Northumberland
The Naughty Frontier sends you out into big Northumberland vistas like this

What’s on offer at the Naughty Frontier

  • Date: August 29th, 2020. 
  • 5 timed stages within a 30-ish mile loop. “These are Northumbrian miles.”
  • 5,000 + ft of ascent. 
  • It retains the social element – There are no set stage start times per rider, simply arrive before the stage closes, and go when you like.
  • Utilising the core elements of the valley’s topography – A mixture of gravel track, grass descent, mellow single track and valley-bottom tarmac sections with big vistas. 
  • Sport Ident timing system.
  • A fully sign-marked route. 
  • Camping, beer, music, games and evening activities.
  • Entry is £50 for the day, with camping at £6 a night
burgers at the naughty northumbrian
Breakfast or dinner? It probably won’t matter
party at the naughty frontier
Share a weekend with a load of mountain bike enduroists

So, if you’re looking for some racing inspiration for next year, Naughty Frontier entries are launched on February 1st – put it in the calendar now (or wait until next week, when the new issue of Singletrack Magazine comes out – complete with free calendar…)

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