Ass Savers and Enisaurus help keep your bum dry in style

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Not all bikes can take full mudguards, and there are times that they aren’t needed or wanted (I wouldn’t want mudguards on my ‘cross race bike for example).

Just enough to keep spray off where it matters

There are still times when a little practicality goes a long way though. Ass Savers is here to help with easy to fit/remove solutions that keep the worst of the elements off your backside with minimal hassle. We’ve recently taken delivery of a shedload to try out in various situations, so will report back on exactly how effective they are soon, but at the same time, we spotted a few special designs on the horizon.

Valencia-based artist and illustrator Enisaurus joins the Kollection Series from Ass Savers. In this series, artists are challenged to bring their unique style to special edition Ass Savers. After a successful Kollection collaboration with Mander, it’s now time for Enisaurus to bring joy to your mudguard with his mind-bending illustrations.
Important colouring in
Enisaurus’ illustration style can be described as a tasty soup of pop culture, reconstructed patchworks and a vivid palette of colours, stirred with a graphic designer spoon. Often colourful and with a geometrical base, it’s not hard to trace his roots in the rich heritage of the Spanish tiles tradition. Yet still, his work is not traditional in any sense. Using the latest hardware and software tools available to him as an illustrator, he tells contemporary stories infused by an eccentric imagination.

I can see you

There we go. Now, we ain’t no artists here at, but it’s cool to see something other than borrowing black when it comes to mudguards. If you fancy picking up a set, swing by the Ass Savers website, where you can also read a longer interview with Enisaurus.
Brighter than your average mudguard

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