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They say, never meet your idols.
Twice I’ve met two of the people I’ve respected more than anyone on this little insignificant planet we call earth. Twice I’ve met people I’ve outwardly respected for their athletic achievements; dedication to living life they way they wanted; and their ability to transcribe their lives into words and photos. Twice I’ve spent valued time with them; learned, shared and socialised with them. Twice I’ve been stunned at how they lived up to everything I expected they would.
One, I made a life long friend of. I’ll never forget her and the things she taught me. About racing bikes. Riding longer than I should. How to create cogent sentences more vivid than my squirrel-filled brain. How to become a better version of myself.
The other, I met over the weekend for the first time. We spent time together, rode bikes in the dirt, ate crappy fried food. I’d known about him since the mid 90’s. Read his books. Literally had his picture, and an essay on my bedroom wall. I drank the Kool-Aid and tried to live the life of dedication. To live with the Attitude of the Knife; “chopping off what’s incomplete and saying: ‘Now, it’s complete because it’s ended here.’
Never have I regretted meeting these people. People are people, no matter how they are portrayed. If, and this is the key, they have the same outward views and values that you hold – chances are, you are going to get on just fine. You won’t be disappointed.
But, if the views are something you don’t live by, they are something you appreciate rather than live, the chances are yes, maybe you will be disappointed. Maybe you shouldn’t meet your idols. Or rather, maybe this person should not be your idol at all.
Just another Joe. Doing their thing. Failing forward like everyone else, each and every day.
Beer of the Week
7 Hops IPA: Rogue Brewing 7.77% ABV

A bold and balanced IPA.

Rogue 7 Hop IPA
Something from the USA before I head off on the Tour Divide this week. I love the way the American style IPA has taken off in the UK and Ireland. I remember coming back from trips to the US and lamenting the crappy fermented yellow water they tried to call beer in Ireland. I craved the sharp and bitter hops that came from a US IPA. But now they are everywhere, and it is hard to get one that stands out – so far from the crowd that it is something to idolise. This…this is one of them. Simply, stunning.

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