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  • AndreyE

    I used to briefly own a 2012 Large, I’m 6’0 (182 cm) and found it very short for the stated size. Could not even remotely figure out where their 615 mm top tube measurement comes from: it measures way less and feels way less.

    I’d highly recommend trying one for size before buying. Overall a very impressive bike (I had a 514 carbon) but the sizing totally puzzled me hence had to sell.


    Can’t comment on the 2013 but I have a 2012 514 and like Andrey says they come up short in the TT. At a fraction under 6ft and 32 inch inside leg I was considering a medium after sitting on a medium and large I found the medium way to short on the TT but the seat tube a little high on the large. Ended up going for the large and the 420 reverb is slammed pretty much as low as it will go – only 10mm or so above the knuckle. I think the seat tubes are lower on the 2013.

    Out of interest AndreyE why did you only own the Zesty briefly ? Was it one of the ones that cracked ?


    I am looking at buying the above in carbon – I have long upper body/orang utang arms but shortish fror height legs (33 inside leg)

    What are they like for sizing ? – I am thinking xl due to top tube not over long

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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