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  • Your oldest piece of kit.
  • MrK

    my oldest bit of kit is my banbury all terrain club santini jersey – 14 years. i also wear my nike poobahs for almost every ride and they’re 12 years old. bike wise, my girlfriend now uses my old bike, which has original z1 bombers (’97?) with the double disc tabs and the HUGE big’un hub – it was one of the first 🙂 the bars i on that bike are sunn bars i got in france after my bike fell off a les gets chairlift and mangled the azonics…

    Premier Icon watly_biker

    Camelbak Mule – at least 10 years old
    Cannondale fleece – still in use 11 years old
    and the mother in law still has my 1990 Kona Lava Dome with a classic yellow splatter paint job and project 2 rigid forks

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin

    I’ve still got a Giant cycle jersey that I bought in 1990.

    Just prior to that (1986-1989) I’d been at Uni riding around on a bike my dad’s uncle had bought 2nd-hand in 1933 from Tottenham Court Lane market. So, the bike was over 50 years old at that time!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Let’s see some more pictures then guys?

    Premier Icon Hooter

    XT thumbies bought in 93 (or maybe 94) to upgrade my trek 9000 to 8 speed. They’ve been used on my main MTB ever since.

    Blackburn drink nipple, bought 1996. When I first bought a hydration bladder, it had a foul tasting rubber nipple thing, which was also quite difficult to get much flow from. Someone recommended the Blackburn nipple, which was quite expensive, about £7, but it has a spring-loaded valve which you push with teeth or tongue, and is then very free flowing. It used to be blue but has faded to a dull grey:


    I bet there are some pretty smelly kit cupboards out there with all this geriatric kit being used. I know my older stuff smells ok once washed but quickly gets a “funk” up in use – phewee.

    Premier Icon dawson

    these are probably my oldest bike related stuff that I still have – probably could do with ironing too..

    i think the first one is circa 1993

    i think this is 94/95

Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)

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