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  • Premier Icon lunge

    Flite Saddle, bought at Bike ’95 in London, still on my main bike. Looks tatty as hell but it still the most comfortable saddle i own.

    Van Halen

    8sp sachs wavey grip shifters. the cheap ones.

    came installed on my superv ooooh.. 10 years ago.

    still on my main bike and perform faultlessly. brilliantly cheap, simple and effective.


    Finsbury Park/Beadle CC, woolen jumpers is’nt it. Ahh the memories.

    Remind me what colour is it, I’ve only got B&W pics.

    Premier Icon Potdog

    Thanks MrsF, I hadn’t been thinking about how old I was when I bought some of this kit…….Now I feel old and to top it off I’ll be putting another notch in the birthday stick next week :o(


    sorry! Happy birthday for next week 🙂

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Oh yeah, lunge’s post has reminded me that I’ve got a Flite Ti saddle from 2002 on my bike too, that’s seen loads of use. The Chris King headset on it is from 02 as well, that’s been on 2 bikes, still flawless.

    Premier Icon Potdog

    Ta, I’m hoping to get some of those knee bearings that Richie_B mentioned 😀


    Biking – 91 Diamondback Topanga, few new bits – regualr use as a commuter

    Non biking – Mountain Equipment Ultrafleece. Bought in ’96 for doing the Wheelwright Coast to Coast – still sees regular use!


    Clothing – 1982 Patagonia midweight thermal top in ever fashionable navy. Still going strong.

    Got a 73 Bay Camper van, admittedly it was built 8 years before i was born and i didnt own it until 2001…

    …that and the fact its neither going strong nor infact going at all at this precise moment in time.


    Pair of Gore bikewear gloves that started out almost fluo green on the back and have ended up khaki. They’re 14 years old and have been relegated to really dirty ride duty. I took them back to the shop to ‘complain’ that they’d only lasted 14 years, but got told to eff off. 😉


    MY BIKE!! Kona Fire Mountain from 1994 when I started cycling! Although just ordered today a Cube women’s specific hard tails .. whoop whoop can’t wait to get it Easter weekend and hack it around Afan!! Roll on


    My 531 Raleigh road bike was new in 83. The same year as my Campag wool tights. Both still in use. Got a long sleeved top from 81 buts that seems to have shrunk around the middle.Lots of stuff from earlier that I bought 2nd hand.

    I bought some Carrati tights in 87. I’ve worn them about 3 times. Honestly . It’s rarely both cold enough ,and dry enough . At the same time. You wouldnt want to risk em in the wet.
    I’ve a helmet from 87.maybe 88. vetta corsa-lite.
    I’ve just recently lost ,well ,misplaced the first bike specific tool I ever bought . A suntour freewheel remover. ’82.Tom Hall’s ,Wigan. It’ll be down the back o t’ chaise long.

    5 of my bikes when added together are older than Bruce Forsyth.
    On the BF chinny chin chin biv biv biv good game good game scale that’s a factor 5.
    How many of your bikes do you have to add up .
    Although ,depending on the bikes , I can do it in 4.
    Didnt he do well.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Oldgit, your post made me realise that this thread needs pictures of all our old tat…

    And just to prove I can still get in it…

    Premier Icon votchy

    Didn’t start biking until 2003 so nothing very old, however, I still use the original inner tubes from the Giant NRS that I started with, albeit there are more patches than tube now 😀


    Flite Saddle, bought at Bike ’95 in London, still on my main bike. Looks tatty as hell but it still the most comfortable saddle i own.

    Still running an old flight here too. Mine is one of the 1st ones with the kevlar protection on the sides, no idea of age, but it is old!

    I also have a 12 year Dura-Ace groupset on my road bike that looks and performs as good as the day it was fitted…

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    Buffalo Mountain Shirt, approx 1994, Kona Lava Dome 1993, both used every day for commute to work. Bike pretty much all original. The Buff’ is without doubt, the best bit of kit I have ever owned, Ever.


    One of those Muddy Fox handlebar bags from 1985, the sort that sat on top of the twin stem arrangement popular at that time. Still used every day though now it sits in my rucksack to hold bits and bobs.

    And guess who made them for Muddy Fox


    Hardware: ’90 Rockhopper frame
    Software: ’92 (?) Team Specialized Jersey, the one with loads of fluoro yellow on it – very tight now, only worn on thin days (i.e. not at all at the moment!)

    Premier Icon stever

    1982 wool skinshorts, with real life chamois pad. Purple Alpiniste a bit older, brown Atlas sac same age. Trangia same.

    Premier Icon lowey

    Polaris Retroactive jacket.

    Fleece liner, windproof outer.. Still use it for winter and night rides.

    Bought it in 1995 IIRC


    My climbing duvet jacket is doing well. still used although a touch scruffy. I was made for my ex boss at Capel Curig brighams. He took it to Patagonia in 1970 and it wasn’t new then. Made for him by Pete Hutchinson before he founded Mountain Equipment. He now has PHD . My Karrimor Haston Vallot rucksack, a simple Alpiniste was bought in early 80. Use a ice axe occasionally that I know was made pre 1950. Still also use my dads Barbour wax cotton m/c trousers. He bought them before parachuting into Suez in 195?


    Rebuilding a 20 Dawes. Still in bits. Does that count?


    A Helly Hansen Lumber shirt (smock top with dropped tail for sitting at belays) that my dad passed on to me… well, ok, I nicked it from him… he probably bought it about 1979.

    Premier Icon DezB

    2 items of Nike kit still going from the 90s. Not sure of the year, but on one of the first Polaris events I did, had to buy a warmer shirt. Bought the Nike one and still wear it.
    Also 2 pairs of Endura MT500 shorts. Still more comfortable than any “modern” shorts. At the time they seemed expensive, but 15 odd years later, I reckon they were great value. (Although I will only ever wear them under baggies these days!)


    fiskars cool tool about 10nyears old.

    Also I have a cheapo ritchey logic loose ball headset that has done 8 years and god knows how many clumsy filthy offroad miles, still on the original bearings and only regreased about five times in all that time.


    Old kit! Where do I begin; rucksack – Berghaus Roc from ’87, sleeping bag – North Face Purple Haze ’88, Mountain Equipment Pertex fleece also from ’88, an MSR stove – about 89/90 ish, two Flites from ’98 and these are all still – occasionally used! Stuff that’s lying around in the loft and back of the garage and not used – who knows!?


    Another Karrimor Vail Fleece going strong from early 90s, and an utterly bomb proof Tenson ‘Snowmass Parka’ skiing jacket from 1998.

    oldest bits of kit i own are some shimano exage mech’s/shifters

    although the peugot road bike is simpler so possibly older

    oldest mtb bit is the front mech, an old skool LX one

    Think one of my gear cables may be original, which make it about 6 years old.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    I thought I was doing ok with my 1997 Schwinn Homegrown USA, which is still running its 1997 XT front mech and WTB Grease Guard headset.

    But I’m going to have to reach into Dad’s garage for some real inspiration and say a custom made race/audax bike that’s more than 5 years older than me (so getting towards the 40yr old mark) and he still rides it regularly! I think there’s more stuff that’s even older


    jojoA1 . want to sell? loved mine but its now in the dogs bed,


    schwinn superstock brian foster ltd edition 24″ from around 1999/2000ish, 3rd hand dented and rusty as ****! lol


    A 1993 Shimano XT short cage mech – still works but not been on a bike for 2 years – my 95/95 Trek 970 is still going strong – with a 1990 Shimano DX chainset on it and 93 Mavic rings…no longer mine though but it is in the family.

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    Still using the cool tool that I got when I bought my first proper mountain bike in 1998 – lives in the saddlebag on my CX commuter and sees service every so often (my last broken chain was fixed with it).

    Retired my c.1999 Lusso longs after they literally fell apart at the seams on way into work last winter. Suspect they had been washed too hot or something as they were passable until then. Fortunately they were unpadded so had shorts on underneath, otherwise I’d have been strolling into work on the hour at the cuckoo clock, so to speak.

    EDIT – Garagedweller – still have a WTB Greaseguard headset in good condition in a box somewhere, just waiting for the right moment to be wheeled out. It’s red ano though so clashes with everything. Ace bits of kit.


    I’m a hoarder…

    1980 Karrimor Mountain Fox sleeping bag
    1980 Karrimor Jaguar 4 sac
    1982 Karrimor Hot Route sac
    1982 Orbit Gold medal tourer (lovely bike)
    1987/88 Marin Pine Mountain (fully original)

    and loads of other kit from the ’80’s

    Mountain Equipment Redline sleeping bag
    Mountain Equipment Lightline sleeping bag
    Mountain Equipment Annapurna duvet
    etc etc…

    I chucked out my old Rohan Superstriders and Scarpa Fitzroy’s just the other day…


    Ajungilak Nordic Sleeping bag(94) and karrimor vail(96) stillused regulularly.

    Premier Icon Ben_mw

    Snugpak pertex jacket – 18 years
    Karrimor waterproof – 16 years, including 1 year of near daily (full days climbing, sailing and generally teaching mini weegies what Outside is) use. An absolutly awesome jacket – cut perfect for cycling, but short front keeps it out of the way of a climbing harness etc. Shame Karrimor went plonk.


    My 1996 Kona Kilaeua…gets ridden everyday!


    xc-pro shifter from 1988 (a cheat though as I had to machine a new clamp to replace the broken original)

    1990 xt seatpost. Still the prettiest/nicest adjustment system ever IMO

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