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  • Your MTB regrets (what ya shouldn’t have sold)
  • four

    I’m very fickle by nature waste money by changing about buying stuff, which got me thinking what bikes have you sold to buy something else and thought oh no?

    For me selling an Orange Four and buying a Cotic Soul – the Four was just as fast but a darn site more comfortable.

    Now I’m hankering after a short travel 29er FS………… (Whyte, SC or Orange)

    what about you?


    my ventana el capitan is the only bike i regret selling.

    sold in a rage of depression when i thought i was gonna be stuck with a fubar heart.

    Mister P

    I miss my Genesis Fortitude Race. I had it built up with XT 1×10 with XT tubeless wheels and XTR brakes. Complete overkill for canal towpath use but I loved it. Sold it to fund car repairs I think. Should have got rid of the car instead.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    I shouldn’t have sold my Escapade and / or my Genesis Day One. Both were great single speeds for commuting and just good all purpose bike. I’d have either again in a heart beat if funds allowed. Kind of regret selling my Stif Morf too, although I replaced it with a Cotic Flare which is the best bike I’ve owned and will be staying for a long time.

    Premier Icon hardtailonly

    I miss my On One 45650b. I sold it to part-fund my Pickenflick, which I really really love, and have 2 other MTBs (1 rigid SS, 1 FS Cannondale Prophet), both of which I like, but I miss a Hardcore (ish) HT … Not enough to regret having sold it, but enough to be thinking about how to get funds together for something similar …

    Premier Icon stevied

    My 1990(?) Raleigh Team Dynatech Pro with curved top tube & full Suntour XC Pro groupset 😬

    Premier Icon seb84

    hardtailonly if your near sheff and want a 19inch 45650b frame going you can have cheap/nearly free.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Possibly my Meta AM2 29 if I had to pick something, we had great days out.


    I’ve never sold any bike ..I have passed them on to various members of my family ..

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I tend to regret buying them, not selling them.

    Premier Icon lawman91

    I miss my Ibis Mojo HD140. In hindsight I should have bought a large, but 19 year old me didn’t want to ride a bike that was remotely gate-like. Dare say if I had gone for a large rather than than a medium I’d still have it, I’d have bought one of the 650b rear ends for it and had it re-sprayed in Matt grey/black and kept it for years to come. Amazing bike, nothing I’ve ridden pedalled as well as that bike. I love my T130, and my new Soul, but the Ibis will always be the one I wished I’d kept

    Premier Icon vondally

    Litespeed kitsuma, the original ti hardcore frame.

    Turner rfx, the original version.


    Should never have sold my Nicolai frame, but then it would be useless now being non-boost and out of date angles (it was 2008).


    1999 Cannondale CAAD4, Volvo Team edition

    Mk1 grey Genesis Longitude in 19” (20,5” was a tad too big so no regrets there)


    My pretty averagely speced 2011 anthem. Loved that bike but decided to swap it for a 29er canyon xc hardtail, which was much lighter,  carbon, 29er wheels, and much better kit. Only issue was it sucked any enjoyment out of riding and I sold it shortly after as i hated it. Made me realise that full suss bikes were so much more comfy off-road, and steep, xc race oriented bikes suck.

    Premier Icon claudie

    Sold my mk2 26 Santa Cruz superlight in a panic over standards and bought a Whyte 905 – really miss the superlight and never really gelled with the 905. MIster P, I bought a 2nd fortitude race a couple of years ago and totally agree, great bike

    Premier Icon Bregante

    My karate monkey – twice!

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    My karate monkey – twice!

    Reading that might just save mine!

    Premier Icon lister

    I regret not buying a Kona Hot frame in Whistler in 1995.

    I was with a couple of mates riding when we were young and I had my very first credit card ‘for emergencies’. I had a very different attitude to credit back in those days!

    Anyway, the frame was mounted on the wall of a bike shop. Beautiful red colour. Same size as my Cinder Cone which I was riding at the time.

    I love Cassandra the ‘cone but that Hot was from another world…☹️

    Premier Icon DezB

    Sold my ‘99 Rm Instinct to my brother and would love to have it as well as my ‘15 Instinct.

    Thing is, I’m not sure if it really was that fantastic a bike, or whether it was actually me who was young, fit and fearless… I suspect its the latter, so can I have that back 😆

    Premier Icon jam bo

    JMC style S-Works FSR.


    All of them. If I had the space I wouldn’t sell anything.


    Where do I start…

    Pace RC300 and Pace RC200 – wish I’d just hung them on the wall to look at!

    For actual riding, I shouldn’t have sold my mkI Prince Albert 853, Santa Cruz Blur 4x and Foes FXR

    Premier Icon russyh

    Banshee Spitfire, still miss that bike.  Would buy another tomorrow if the sorted the cracking out


    This year I have sold:

    1. 1998 Kona Explosif – owned from new, stolen in 2001, recovered in 2007.

    2. Salsa Fargo that I rode the Great Divide on.

    3. 1979 Holdsworth Special owned from new, that I did a paper round for two years to pay for – sold for less than the Argos frame restoration cost.

    4. A Jones Plus – I lusted after a Jones for years and the Plus was finally one that would fit me.

    I dont regret selling any of them. They are just things, and better they were used by someone than idle on the wall / in the shed.

    My Solaris.

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    Jesus, don’t get me started 🙂

    I’m in the “regret buying” camp though.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Old Scandvik Cove Hummer. It was proper lush. Did have terrible chain suck though, but it was so smooth, first ride out on it I was convinced the rear tyre was going soft, but it was just very plush.


    Never regretted selling any frames as they’ve always been upgraded, however I did sell a couple of nice sets of 26″ hope/stans wheels and a 20mm bolt through Revelation RLT Ti for next to nowt a few years ago, which would have been really handy for the kids bikes now.

    Premier Icon roger_mellie

    My first mountain bike which was a bottom of the range Specialized Hardrock Sport, probably 1995 model. I sold to an ex-colleague for towpath bimbling, so at least it had a second life. Regret because it got me into biking and would still serve as a station commuter. Ho hum.


    Pace RC  200 as the carbon forks where not stiff and the frame was harsh.

    About to sell my santa cruz V10cc this weekend if the deal goes through !!!

    F900SL with Magura hydro rim brakes. Tightest, sharpest, lightest, fastest, climbiest and stoppiest MTB I’ve had.  Sold it to buy a lawnmower.  Maybe ☘️

    * Edit – second thoughts, the comparitively lowly F400 stablemate was missed even more.   I enjoyed abusing it and it seemed to give more back.  Also quick, even with big old balloon tyres. Mary Bars too.  Perfect all-day summer tourer.

    Premier Icon P-Jay

    Probably my Cove Shocker, I didn’t really have the room for it, I rarely rode it, but I loved it and it cost a fortune so it was a gutter to have to ‘part it out’ for a pittance.

    Annoyingly I intended to use the cash to buy a nice trail bike but it sort of got frittered away🙄

    There’s even a 27.5 conversion for them now 😭

    Premier Icon dirtyboy

    Blur 4x

    Just felt like a rocket on the downhills


    There are 3 I miss most having sold on…

    Schwinn straight 8, awesome DH bike, sold it for next to nothing when kids came along… Should have mothballed it and got it out again years later!

    Kona howler.  Not quite surenwhy I sold it, and would be brilliant now that 1x drivetrains and big cassettes are a thing.

    Original dialled love/hate.  Built as a light singlespeed, with magura 100mm forks and fat light tyres. Sold it to get an on-one ss 29er which was more capable, but nowhere near as much fun.

    4th wasn’t an MTB, but my Kona big Mama race BMX. Sold it as a dodgy back stopped me doing much BMX, but it would be nice to cruise around on with the kids.

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    26er raw Scandal. Light, capable and like a big bmx. No idea why I sold it.

    Premier Icon jamesoz

    I rarely sell bikes, makes no difference though. They just fatigue and crack in the end.


    My first ever mtb, a 1988 Saracen tuff trax in a lovely powdercoat yellow and rigid forks. Wish I’d of kept it for the memories and would’ve love to see what it was like to ride on some of the same trails I still ride now that I ride then (I’m guesding slower & scary!).

    that and a Santa Cruz chameleon frame. Had a hankering for a hard tail a few years ago, picked up a second hand bargain frame and built it up with spares. Rode it a few times but at the time, not enough to justify keeping it. Cost me peanuts, should of kept it even if I only ride half s dozen times a year!

    strangley though, I miss the bikes I had nicked more – particularly the 1990 Kona lava dome – a lovely purple with black joe Murray ‘banana forks’. First mtb I’d ridden that felt a bit more ‘relaxed’ – no idea but I suspect it still had a scary 73 degree HA with 120mm stem!

    the others I’ve always sold to find a new bike and never regretted it – tend to keep my bikes for 5-7 years so there’s normally a noticeable step change between them!

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    2004 Specialized SWorks Enduro with the brain shock. Sold for £270 on EBay. As soon as I got back from the Post Office I regretted it.

    1999 Gary Fisher Paragon 😢

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