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  • Your MTB regrets (what ya shouldn’t have sold)
  • shooterman

    I regret selling my Litespeed Ocoee.

    I regret not buying that 5010 frame I was offered at silly money last year. (see my tightness comments on the living beyond your means thread).

    Biggest buying regret was a Mk1 Nomad.

    My Chinese carbon 29er that i built as an adventure / self supported bikepacking rig. King rear hub, full dynamo set us, jones loops, thomson and xtr finishing kit. So light, stiff, fast. Best bike ever and saw me achieve a heap of goals during a golden period in my life.

    Sold as thought it would sit ideal here in Oz as all i would need was my gravel bike.

    How wrong can you be? Everytime i see the pic on my wall with it in i feel sad.

    Premier Icon core

    Biggest regret selling/splitting – MK3 Cotic Soul, it was that green, hope wheels, dual air reba’s. renthal bars, dropper post, wide range of gears that actually worked nicely, and just did it all.

    I’ve been ‘upgrading’ ever since but not really found MTB nirvana, the one bike to rule them all. My current Cotic Flare is probably that bike but I’ve barely ridden it due to injury, and it has pretty ‘meh’ forks and wheels……


    Not an MTB, but I regret selling my first BMX from the eighties, a black and red Kuwahara. I sold it as I got a Peugot ATB ( just when mountain bikes were taking off ). These two bikes ( and a Chipper ) are the only ones I have ever sold.


    Genesis Fortitude Race

    For me too, quite frankly a brilliant winter mud plugger and all round hoot of a bike


    Not regretted selling, but regretted putting up for sale my Yeti SB66C almost instantly. I got an offer very near my wanted price and it made me feel a bit queezy at the thought of letting it go.

    It’s still the best bike i’ve ridden, having gone up and back down a wheel size, and I just cannot bear to let it go!

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    My karate monkey – twice!

    Reading that might just save mine!

    I regret not buying one in that lovely burnt copper colour. Spray tan I think they call it. I’m also firmly in the regret buying camp. Before the kids came along I used to swap and change on a whim.

    Premier Icon Dickyboy

    Original bronze geared Swift frame that I bought and sold through the classifieds (RIP) I wanted something with rack & guards mounts, totted up the cost of those & respray Vs buying a Vagabond which I never gelled with. 😒

    Also, a Muddy Fox titanium frame that I picked up off eBay for £200, should have kept it for the retro chic

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Hmm, only bike frame i miss is an On-One Scandal V2. Great frame but everything i’ve sold has been to get something more fun.

    If i had the space/money, that would have stayed.


    Ellsworth Dare. It was massive, heavy, overbuilt, had a proprietary rear hub that was an utter pita (20mm bolt through standard diameter anyone???) but bah gawd JR it could go quick.

    Sold it to some dude in Iceland as I was poor (see living beyond your means thread…) If one came up now cheap I’d seriously consider it.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    I don’t regretselling anything mainly due to the fact that I very rarely sell bikes.

    They tend to get replaced when they’re dead.

    What I do regret however is not riding certain trails or going certain places when I had the time/means.

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    This one

    Owned from new in 1993. Revamped about 2016, rode it once but was awful compared to modern bikes so sold it rather than have it sit at the back of the garage on the basis I’d rather it was used.

    Often wonder where it is now 😐

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Didn’t regret selling this as such, but I would have liked to size up to the large instead and try that for a while.

    Enduro bikes are great, but I sometimes miss having a 180mm freeride sled…

    The only MTB I regret selling was a 2008 GT Peace 29er. This was what I bought when I got back into cycling after a break of a few years after getting bored of BMX. Not a fantastic bike by any means, but I can still imagine me using it a lot now.

    Also a 2009 SE Floval Flyer that I sold far too cheap. Just wish I kept it.

    Also, a Reynolds Racing Fresh 40 BMX frameset I had when I was 18. It was far too long, spindly but no chance of finding one now.

    Premier Icon joebristol

    Univega Ram 990 back in the early 2000’s. It started creaking and rebuilding the pivot was beyond me at the time, so I sold the frame (really cheap as it creaked) and replaced it with a hardtail jump type hardtail.

    Killed mtb for me along with a mate I rode with moving away from Bristol to London. I stopped mtb’ing / sold the hardtail complete and only commutes on my road bike as sole cycling for about 10 years.

    A few years back I bought a cheap Kona U’hu from eBay (£150) and got the bug again. Just sad I missed out on what could have been my best years biking as I have a lot less time now for biking than I did in my 20’s.

    Note: I bet it would ride terribly compared to modern bikes – it was single pivot with a falling rate rear shock so it didn’t have good small bump sensitivity, then wallowed terribly through big compressions. It was light though as I remember.

    edit – it was this frame in this colour, with bomber z1 bams, stx rc drivetrain, hope discs, Mavic d521 rims and irc Kujo tyres.

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    My karate monkey – twice!

    Reading that might just save mine!

    I regret not buying one in that lovely burnt copper colour. Spray tan I think they call it.

    Yeah, the Ops model. That is what mine is but in black. I rode it loads as a mile muncher when I got it but rarely use it now. I just know I will end up regretting selling it yet the temptation to move it on keeps looming.


    Sold a Mountain Cycles San Andreas VPS to fund Xmas one year I got made redundant.

    Needs must and all that but I do miss it, even though it was the opposite of the current trend for long slack low.

    And 26″ wheels obviously so ticking clock with regards to decent forks………………….

    Premier Icon malv173

    My childhood sweetheart. A Saracen Eiger. The ‘you’ll grow into it’ bike. Farmer John Nephew tyres, a beautiful blue thing it was. Moved away from home, into student life with very little storage space.  My parents had a clear out and asked if I wanted it. Wasn’t really into riding bikes at the time, so told them to get rid. Wrong decision.

    Sabbath Fifth Element. Ti frame, stunning looking and only a handful of their only MTB about.

    Idiot for selling that.


    Hmm, only bike frame i miss is an On-One Scandal V2. Great frame but everything i’ve sold has been to get something more fun.

    If i had the space/money, that would have stayed.

    Me too, mine was the exact one I wanted that was a 29er V2 but had rack mounts, had it powder coated candy apple red. Sold it to someone on here and regretted it.

    Then, a couple of years later bought it back again! woohoo!

    I donated a Whyte 19 Steel to a local bike coop a couple of years back for them to sell and make some cash. Bought a Kona Rove, regretted it immediately. Found out the coop still had the Whyte, so took the Rove in and begged them to swap (they got a good deal — the Kona was worth more). They were rather confused.

    Sold the Whyte about 2 months later and bought a Ritchey P29. Also bought a Genesis Equilibrium. Five months later sold the Ritchey and bought a Stooge. Rode it once and decided it was overkill, sold it and built a rigid 650b Genesis High Latitude LT that I still have now. Recently sold the equilibrium frame and built a Genesis CDF.

    Wish I’d kept the Rove as my CDF is basically the same thing. And I’m now searching for a Stooge to replace the Genesis High Latitude… Endless circles.

    Not sure what’s wrong with me but I reckon it’s probably diagnosable 🙂

    Premier Icon Beagleboy

    The one I really regret selling was my 1999 / 2000 Orange Evo O2. It was my first ever, properly expensive mountain bike that I lavished love and money on. I eventually replaced it with an Orange 5 and a steel P7 hardtail, but held onto the O2, pretty much for the memories. Then a guy joined our bike club and he seemed so enthusiastic and eager to upgrade his bike that I decided to sell him the O2 at ‘mates rates’. He then took my wonderful O2, who’s name was McCoy, because I’d built him so lightweight that I could feel all the Bones in my body after a day in the saddle), sanded down the original polished aluminium finish and painted it matt black. Then he built it up as a commuter and laughed at my outrage.

    He left the club, I think after making a few rather out of order comments towards other members, and I think I’m right in saying he even got banned from this forum after making some rather nasty sectarian comments regarding a debacle in Manchester involving Rangers football ‘fans’.

    I don’t so much regret selling the bike, as much as I regret selling it to that guy. Although I would have bought it straight back off him if I knew what he had planned for it, even if I lost money. I loved that old O2, sorry McCoy, I should never have abandoned you to that fate.


    Pace RC-300 is the one I regret selling most, met the buyer at a service station near Oxford and remember physically shaking after handing the frame over, the Sub 5 that replaced it was shyte!

    Salsa Horsethief, loved that bike, redundancy forced sale, now back at the same place of work! Gits!

    Regret buying?  Giant XTC composite, knew after about 5 miles that it wasn’t for me.

    I don’t regret selling any of mine. Current bike is best I ever had. Never look back!

    I have a mate who has never sold any of his MTB’s They are all hanging up in his garage. Some lovely examples in there.

    When I started mtbing “again” a few years ago I picked up a 2003 stumpjumper hardtail for very cheap. It was so lovely and light, but I was obsessed with modernising it, but I inadvertently downgraded it – replaced the nice light non-disc wheels with mediocre wheels and added cheap disc brakes, cheap stem and riser bar etc.

    Then I sold it, and now would really like something like that as my “gravel bike”. So it’s a double regret really – I regret ruining it and regret selling it!

    Giant Anthem X 29er was a very capable bike, especially with a dropper and 120mm forks. Sold it to go hardtail only but do miss the comfort. It felt slower uphill but was actually quicker on all but tarmac.

    Premier Icon P20

    My Bontrager. Modified to take discs. Beautiful balance of stiffness and ride quality. Fabulous thing


    My Stump Jumper Mk1! First proper production mtb bike. Still have my mk2 or 3 Stumpy, the 1988 model that replaced it.  My Cotic Soul Mk1, my most fun bike, still have my Soul Mk2 that replaced it but not as much fun as the first one. Klein Attitude, still looking for it, sold on here 7 years ago … work of art, like/want it on the wall.

    Possibly most of all, my 50s/60s Carlton Road frame with long point lugs, each lug with hand cut outs, each lug showing a category of the suit of cards and wrap over seat stays and chrome ends. Oh I wish I kept that frame. Still have my commissioned Brian Rouke, that replaced it in 1978, wrap over seat stays and chrome ends but pretty normal lugs..

    As above a few regrets, more like disappointments of buying but sold most of those on when they didn’t cut it.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I did regret selling my Scott cr1 sl, but luckily picked one up off the classifieds on here.

    That’s not an MTB though.

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