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  • Your Desert Island disks
  • Premier Icon wonny j
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    Work has a quarterly newsletter and last year started a desert islands disks feature with staff members – same thing as radio 4 but no Kirsty Young 🙁

    I’ve been asked to do the next one. So 8 tracks, one book, one luxury.

    Luxury is easy – a sand bike! Just trying to sort the music. What would you have?

    So far on the island is the chief exec and the H&S manager so not sure it’ll be a holiday.

    Premier Icon Gweilo
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    Book = The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley Cherry-Garrard

    Premier Icon ton
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    luxury, big ktm enduro bike
    book, lord of the rings trilogy
    dignity, deacon blue
    rock n roll suicide, bowie
    summer wind, sinatra
    hurt, johnny cash
    days of pearly spencer, marc almond
    perfect day, the compilation one
    all along the watchtower, hendrix
    if i can dream, elvis

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen
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    Can the disks be DVDs? Box set of Lost 🙂

    Premier Icon mikey74
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    Music? Off the top of my head:

    Iron Maiden – The Clairvoyant
    Neurosis – Stones from the Sky
    The Allman Brothers – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
    Crippled Black Phoenix – Burnt Reynolds
    Metallica – Master of Puppets
    CCR – Lodi
    Down – Bury me in Smoke
    Mastodon – The Last Baron

    Book: American Gods by Neil Gaiman (or possibly Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy)

    Luxury: A boat

    Premier Icon montylikesbeer
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    This Charming Man: The Smiths

    Lay lady lay: Bob Dylan

    Blue Monday: New Order

    Firestarter: The Prodigy

    Comfortably Numb: Pink Floyd

    Jerusalem: Dob Cross Silver Band

    Wednesday morning 3am: Simon and Garfunkel

    Teenage Kicks: The Undertones

    Book: of mice and men

    Luxury: Gaggia Classic and a ruck of coffee (and electric and fresh water)

    Premier Icon Gweilo
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    Ahh we were supposed to do all of it ….. in which case

    Luxury – Fender Stratocaster Master Build with a maple fret board and a soft v neck profile

    Book – The Worst Journey in the World, Apsley Cherry-Garrard


    Wish you were Here – Pink Floyd
    Wonderwall – Oasis
    Mama We’re all crazy now – Slade
    Lucky Man – The verve
    Oh Mio Babbino Caro – Puccini
    Lady of the Sea – Seth Lakeman
    Tocatta and Fuge in D Minor – J. S. Bach
    Babylons Burning – The Ruts

    Premier Icon toxicsoks
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    Book – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    Luxury – DAB radio


    Polaroid – Richmond Fontaine

    Country Honk – Rolling Stones

    South Central Rain – REM

    Find the River – REM

    The Revolution Starts Now – Steve Earle

    Celebrated Summer – Husker Du

    Judas Cradle – Sugar

    Rock and Roll – Led Zeppelin

    Premier Icon hertz32
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    Luxury – 59′ Les paul

    Book – Ender’s Game


    Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

    Jeff wayne’s the war of the worlds – Pt1
    ” – Pt2

    Welcome to the jungle – G’n’R

    Stairway – Led Zeppelin (C’mon people how did you forget?)

    Rush – 2112

    Hotel california – the eagles (See stairway)

    Sharp dressed man – ZZ top

    Premier Icon wonny j
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    my choices:

    1. Van Morrison – Sweet thing –

    2. Calexico – Two Silver Trees –

    3. Laurent Garnier – The man with the red face – (NSFW?) or alternatively:

    4. Croft no 5 – Party in the arc –

    5. Max Romeo – One step forward –

    6. Dawn Penn – You don’t love me –

    7. David Bowie – Heroes –

    8. Johnny Cash – Boy named Sue (Folsom prison version) –

    Laurent Garnier man with the red face might be a bit nsfw – parisian ravers having had one too many pastis

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Luxury- my Ragley. Since presumably I wouldn’t be allowed a computer with a copy of Civ 4 on it.

    Book- there was a collected Mars Trilogy (Kim Stanley Robinson) in a single mighty tome, I’ll have that even though it’s clearly cheating.

    Stravinsky’s Finale from the Firebird Suite- the Minnesota Orchestra/Stanislaw Skrowaczewski recording with the distortion, sounds incredible.
    ****ed Up- One More Night
    Mogwai- New Paths To Helicon
    Regina Spektor- Us
    Metallica- Master Of Puppets
    And So I Watch You From Afar- Set Guitars To Kill
    Frank Turner- The District Sleeps Tonight (yes it’s a cover)
    Counting Crows- Round Here (the live version from Across A Wire)

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