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  • You think you know Europe?
  • Premier Icon Hairychested
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    Play this game

    Premier Icon will…
    Free Member

    I think i need more holidays 🙂



    Premier Icon aracer
    Free Member

    75% (got more than that right first go, but it seems to penalise you for second guesses).

    Premier Icon porterclough
    Free Member

    Has the Isle of Wight declared independence?


    Premier Icon lister
    Full Member

    84%…bloody Serbia!

    Premier Icon brakes
    Free Member

    that’s a pass, right?

    Premier Icon stuartie_c
    Free Member

    86% in 1:57

    And that included getting Belgium wrong first time…

    Premier Icon Stu_N
    Full Member

    96% in 1:49. Can never remember which is Latvia and which is Lithuania.

    Premier Icon zaskar
    Free Member

    78% 2min 59 whoops!

    Premier Icon chvck
    Full Member

    37% in 3 mins….haha

    Premier Icon cuckoo
    Full Member

    98% in 3min 15sec.

    Needed 2 goes at Albania 🙂

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer
    Full Member

    98% in 1min39.6 (should have been 100%, but I “missed”)

    Premier Icon pantsonfire
    Free Member

    83% in 1min 21secs got my ex Yugoslavian republics wrong

    Premier Icon jimmy
    Full Member

    60% in 4.5 mins. And I have a degree in European Studies (aka Useless)

    Premier Icon allyharp
    Full Member

    83% in 2:48

    A lot of them were lucky guesses though. Such as Moldova first time!

    Premier Icon Davy
    Free Member

    98% in 1:16.9. Got Serbia wrong.

    Premier Icon donsimon
    Free Member

    64% in 3:18, but I was watching the end of TdeF at the time!!!

    Premier Icon Verbal-Kint
    Free Member

    Can never remember which is Latvia and which is Lithuania.

    estonia latvia and lithuania are in alphabetical order top to bottom, thats the only way I remember them

    Premier Icon stratobiker
    Free Member

    43% – see it was all Yugoslavia when I were a lad! 🙂

    Premier Icon crazy-legs
    Full Member

    I got a bit muddled with the former Yugoslavia ones too. 🙁

    Premier Icon Lanesra

    100% in 56 seconds.

    Cool game is there a world version

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