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  • Yeti ASRC bearing play in frame
  • muppet4

    Absolutely gutted to find that my 2016 ASRc driveside pivot bearing has got play in The frame. Has anyone had similar? Not sure where to start with LBS or contact silverfish directly.
    I don’t say lightly that I could cry with this, dream frame from first launch and it was bought with inheritance 🙁


    Sorry to hear that. It’s a common issue with that frame. I was going to buy one until I read about it on Mtbr yeti forum. I would contact silverfish.

    Premier Icon mrchrist

    Used to have a 575, great bike…

    Sorry to be slow, but will this not be solved by putting new bearing or bushes in?

    Did that a few time with my 575. Cost £100 a time for just the parts. Still shudder thinking about it:(

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