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  • xt caliper, bleeding and white gritty bits
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    Hey folks. As the title vaguely alludes to, I set about bleeding my rear xt. One piston won’t retract and the banjo bolt is filled with white gritty bits.

    I used to use some elixirs and swapped out to the XTs after loadsa problems. When new they had some jagwire hose installed and bled up. No problems until they went a bit spongy.

    When trying to bleed them up first the pistons wouldn’t retract then the fluid oozed out of the piston seals. I stripped the banjo off and the threaded end was covered in white gritty bits which I hope isn’t, but assume is broken piston.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on remedies or am I best to get a new caliper (or some elixors).

    Thanks in advance.

    Premier Icon andyl
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    either bits of piston (assuming they are white ceramic)

    bits of oxidised aluminium

    or something used to act as a thread sealant?

    Premier Icon shortcut
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    That’s likely bits of piston. New caliper required.

    Premier Icon jamiemcf
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    That’s what I thought Shortcut. Pretty crap really. They’re not that old and still on their original pads. How do pistons just crumble inside? Grrrr!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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