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  • LardLover

    My son’s uncle bought him an Xbox 360 for Xmas. Only problem we’re having is trying to get on Xbox Live, we can’t get it to connect with the modem (checked pass key thingy-m-bob etc).

    We’ve tried all the recommendations but still no joy.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Many thanks


    If you google xbox 0800 you will find a freephone number for the helpline. They are usually really good.

    You can trouble shoot off the dashboard too under settings

    Might be an obvious thing to check, but did you make sure the WEP Key was typed in the correct case i.e. upper/lower.

    Had no probs with my daughters


    When I was having troubles like this I found I had to enter all my settings (IP address etc) manually. It seemed to work after that. To get those settings go onto a computer on the same network, run cmd (start-run if on XP) and type ipconfig then press return.


    Does your modem (i’m assuming it’s a wireless router?) have client filtering?
    I have to disable that first before it can connect, then enable it afterward.


    Some routers require a hardline to setup before going wireless. I had to do this with my BT router, when i changed to a belkin it just connected wireless with no effort.


    when it runs through it’s connection test, how far does it get?


    I’ve been onto the helpine guys, seems they weren’t much help, they kept telling me it was the pass key for my modem that was the problem, although I have no probs getting on the internet with my pc (or the Wii, or my son’s laptop!).

    We were on for about an hour. I did get through to Xbox Live at one stage, then it told me I needed to download an update, which I started then it said it couldn’t download it. Then I couldn’t get back to Xbox Live.

    Argh!!! I hate technology (apart from the cycle kind!!)


    i had this prob crimbo day with my sons xbox,phoned the help line and got it sorted,had to reset network setting to default or factory settings cant remember the name its one or the other then turned the router and xbox off,then entered the wep code and worked fine,on the test did you get a big cross at the first stage?


    Yep, got the red cross at the first stage. This is despite resetting everything a few times, entering IP details manually as well as a lot of other details for the IP and modem.

    Seems I have to call Sky and see if I’ve got the correct wep code (despite having my pc, my sons pc, his Wii to the same router).

    I lost interest, to top it all off he can’t watch You Tube vids on his pc or play one of his online games as it keeps saying I need to download Adobe 10 (or something) but it won’t let me, I think it’s the anti virus or firewall software or both that’s stopping it and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing……………………….AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

    Jesus, I’m crap. Is it just me or is anyone else as techno-crap as me?? Surely I can’t be the only one.

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    I’m down your way tomorrow if your still stuck lard. Some routers are a real pain with xbox and ps try the Ethernet cable plugged in first.


    I thought Sky routers came pre configured using WPA security and not WEP ?

    WPA is the more secure, my brother’s sky box was set to WPA anyway.

    Have you tried setting Xbox to WPA ?

    You can check the Sky settings by accessing your router at
    login: admin
    password: sky

    Then select the Wireless option from the left hand menu and see if you can see the security mode (WPA / WEP etc).

    The security code should be there also, make sure the xbox has both the mode and passcode correctly entered.

    Oh, also ensure that the xbox is accessing the right wireless network (the SSID identifies the network) and you’re not actually tring to get on a neighbours network 🙂

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    Also seems shy has ports closed by default you may need to open the ones for xbox live.


    have you tried it wired?

    afaik, if you plug it in, it should “just work”

    i have the old shape one so never tried wireless (it also sits next to the router)

    i know my router doesn’t play too happily with mine though, its EITHER xbox, or Internet, and there is no “disconnect from xbox live” button in the dashboard, so if jose wants to get online while im playing, i have to play offline games, and physically remove the cable from the box.

    good luck.
    xbox live is the SHIZZLE to be fair.
    makes a pretty antisocial toy a fun social tool i find.

    really enjoy teaming up with friends from uni across the UK to shoot at whingey american kids 😉
    also, playing against real people improves games hugely over playing against computer opponents


    Holy crap, I have no idea what you guys are on about…………. 😳

    (oh, it is a WPA thing, not a WEP)

    I don’t have the thing you refer to as an Ethernet cable??? what the hell is that Lee??

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    Cable that plugs in to the box and then into router.

    Try the port forwarding trick first though.


    Ok, I’ll give that a go tomorrow. Jeez, give me an anaethestic machine any day!

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