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    Rock Shox have a worldwide warranty so Fishers will deal with them. You have to find a UK shop to send them in if there is a problem though.


    i fear the wurst


    What’s the wurst that could happen…


    or you just send them back from whence they came your warrenty is with them 😉


    bored of waiting for solo pikes to come in to uk

    is buying spendy/complicated kit off bike-components.de a bad idea?? (they are 85 quid cheaper as well)

    what happens when they go wrong – or is this all part of the ‘eurozone cheap kit’ fun ??

    warranty as usual but with expensive postage?

    or should I just nut up and do it ?

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    My reverb is with another German shop (bike-discount) for a warranty issue now. I took the view that they’re all online sellers, just the German ones might take a day or two extra on postage. It’s been gone a couple of weeks (they sent it on to SRAM) but I can’t blame their nationality for that! They paid the return postage as a matter of course but that’ll vary by shop of course – should say on their website?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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