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  • Worst bike you have (ever) owned?
  • mrmoofo

    Roberts Genesis – too big, the bottom bracket never fitted properly and it chain sucked like a bastard ….
    And the paint chipped like nail varnish


    Would have to be my Fat Chance Wicked. It want necessarily a bad bike but I just didn’t really get on with it. I’m surprised to see P7’s on here. My 1997 P7 was probably my favorite riding bike of all time but I guess that just shows we all have different tastes.

    1999 Marin Attack Trail – what was I thinking. It was just a heavy useless pile of poo!


    A Whyte JW4, the strangest thing ever with its tele-lever forks.
    A normal Marin swingarm back end which made great on light
    Singletrack, but take on any big stuff and the forks would just
    duck under the headset and spit me off. Got lots of admiring looks


    On-one inbred. (earlyish one before they got beefed up)
    Foolishly drank the STW/on-one kool-aid at a time when conti vertpro’s were supposedly a good tyre. (another myth)
    Far too flexy and you could feel it load up and then go the other way round long sweeping corners, quite unnerving at speed.

    STW may hate this one.

    Cotic Roadrat, I bought it because I loved my Soul.

    Was incapable of running 26″ wheels like it was advertised, BB ended up WAAAY too low. Super flexy and couldn’t take a rack or any sort of weight on the bike, infact it was borderline too flexy with nothing bolted onto it at all. AND it had an annoying brazeon in the middle of the toptube which kept catching my knee.

    I put about 10,000 miles on that bike, and part of me was thankful when it finally broke. Bought a pompino which though cheaper and theoretically similar was a revelation in that it rode how it should.

    `01 i-drive . Nasty creaky turd of a frame was convinced that crappy seat tube mount was gonna break..
    Wanted rid so bad took a dodgy loan being unemployed at the time , to get a Patriot, which actually another bad move, it wasn’t a bad bike infact the opposite was just the wrong bike.


    Charge Duster steel around 2005, jack of all master of none.

    Kinesis Maxlight xc120, noodle flex fest.

    But anything with two wheels is still brilliant.

    Premier Icon Wookster

    I’ve loved every bike I’ve had…but the one I loved the idea of but never ever got on with was my IBIS MOJO, dream bike dream build but I just couldn’t get on with. Worst bike Never had one one I didn’t get one with yes.

    Saying that any of my mates who rode it loved it it was me that was the issue!


    DBW I remember the sale/behind on the cobbles. You were coming from a Chameleon?

    Anyway it was a brilliant frame. Fitting a ti spring ruined it IMO. Chameleon is still my best frame ever. Then the 4X.

    My worst ever frame was the Ellsworth ID. Hideously tall awkward frame.


    STW may hate this one

    You drank the STW kool-aid


    2002 Marin Riftzone put me off full suspension until 2013 😕


    Ah hora you are still alive!!

    Just to let you know I’ve sold the Bike you were after.

    I couldn’t be arsed waiting for you to pay the price we agreed on and then you stopped replying to my emails nearly costing me a sale!

    JUst saying like…


    A leopard never changes it spots. 🙄


    Then theres the Enduro frame that I held off sale for 6 months for you with countless emailed questions from you to eventually receive ‘sorry got a fistfull of army dollars, buying something posh’

    Whereas I asked (this) Friday pm if you’d take x amount and Sunday pm I get that ^reply? Sorry I owe you what? I didnt reply.

    Boom? Leopard? I buy so much secondhand from here but sometimes I dont get the love back.

    Stw is wearing me down. Its like the readership is becoming older and bitter

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Never bought/owned a bike that I didn’t like but I test rode a few when I worked at a Lakes bike shop.

    Undoubtedly the best was the Cove G-Spot, the absolute worst was an Orange 5.

    Hated it’s single pivot suspension and the brake jack – can’t look at an Orange now without remembering that horrendous ride round the Borrowdale Bash route on that heavy piece of shit.

    Also test rode a Cannondale 1FG which succeeded in putting me off the idea of SS on MTB for life. Strange cos I really like SS on the road.


    Worst Latley was a 2008 sworks stumpy fsr carbon
    Just could not get happy with it , kept falling off lol

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    My Heckler.
    Built up as my dream bike, but as already been pointed out, they are too tall, but too short in the TT..
    I just lack the stones they require to be ridden the way they are meant to be sadly.


    Hora I sent you an email on Friday Night at 21:14 to ask wether or not you still wanted it as you didn’t reply. I actually turned down an offer Saturday as I thought you might respond.

    As for the enduro I think I asked twice about it before you wrecked it by stripping all the paint off!


    Chameleon. Harsh and not a pleasant experience to ride on anywhere that featured rocks.


    Twice? I stripped the frame after the event when you said you’d changed your mind. It wasnt twice either it was a constant flow of emails over months. You said definitely but not until your back from Afghanistan if I’d wait it was a definite. You emailed fairly frequently back when I emailed/update for assurance or replied to a question from your base.

    My last email to you on Friday was ‘would you take £50’. I emailed you nothing/didnt reply again beyond that.

    Anyway I normally dont bother. Its the nature of buying/selling.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Commencal Super4.

    Low BB height killed it for me… followed by multiple cracked frames…


    Got it cheap to build up as a SS. Long and low, means it’s good for cranking uphill with 1 gear..but too long and 120mm max fork travel = rubbish for coming down.

    All in all not terrible, just the worst bike I’ve owned.


    I don’t know about worst, but most unsuitable was my 2011 enduro. Too much bike for trail riding and climbed like a three legged dog (probably due to the crap tune the shock came with)

    It came alive on DH tracks, but felt pretty dead on everything else, unless you were caning the hell out of it.

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