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  • Premier Icon GrahamS

    > now in a serviced office space

    tell me more

    I use a small single room in a multi-storey office block that is shared with various other businesses.

    Nothing fancy, pretty much just a desk, internet connection and a filing cabinet. But importantly, it’s not at home so I can hear myself think and I get that mental and physical separation when I finish for the day.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    How much does that cost? Presumably your work pays


    Worked from home for about 7 years and that was about 5 years too many, although I didn’t realise it until I moved into an office. Now I share a nice office space in a smart building with a couple of other self-employed folk who I didn’t know before we shared, and it’s all a ten minute walk from home. Picked up enough extra work to pay the next 6 years’ office rent, plus I’ve met lots of good people in the building. I’ve also now got a business address (useful for taking delivery of bike bits, obviously), and having an office makes me feel more professional as well as looking better from a client’s perspective.

    I feel far less isolated (which was a problem working from home – although this is a personal thing) and it’s now far easier to separate my work life from my home life, which has made me enjoy time in my house more. A lot of this depends on the individual, their type of work and the office options available to them, but I know I’ll never work from home again. Office or no office though, clearly I’m still easily distracted 😉
    Hope this helps. Good luck whatever you decide.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Yeah work pay for it, not sure exactly how much but I don’t think it is very expensive as it’s not exactly a high class facility or a top notch area. (I don’t get clients visiting so it doesn’t need to be posh).
    I think it is ~£100 a month which pays for single room, cleaner and internet connection.

    Not commuting time can be spent sleeping or working
    Fewer distractions from co-workers
    Change of scene
    Music while you work


    Unless you have clear goals, it’s all too easy to drift
    It can feel lonely and isolated so you get unproductive and paranoid
    Co-workers think you’re treating it as a day off and resent you

    Try to have a dedicated work space, ideally a room converted to an “office”
    Have very specific goals that are best achieved with no distractions
    Do your communication days in the office


    I occasionally work from home, I refer to it as pants day.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Interesting Graham. I will look into that thanks

    I’ve worked from home for years but it is spoiling my appreciation of my own home, despite having a dedicated space. I feel the need for greater separation of work and home life.

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