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  • Work / office waste recycling.
  • freddyg
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    We’ve just had our work recycling scheme stopped. So, at the moment, the options open to us are to either put our recyclable waste in the bin or carry it home.

    There are a number of us who are prepared to take our stuff home but unfortunately, the majority aren’t.

    Are there any schemes or incentives (even legislation!) available that we could persuade the company to sign up to?


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    Have a quiet word with the council for your area?

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    Have a quiet word with the council for your area?

    What would the council do? office waste has nothing to do with them.

    Sadly were in the same position here, were a small company that cant afford to have recycling as well as normal waste removal so one or two people in the office do the good deed of taking a sackfull of plastic bottles and cans to the recycling bins every other week.

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    As above council will do nowt – which is crazy

    We have just had a quote for a dual waste uplift which is about the same as we are paying the council for the single uplift – from Shanks I think. Might be worth persuading someone to make some enquiries.

    Hardest part is going to be persuade everyone to separate stuff in the office.

    Company should surely be keen on being able to promote their own “green” credentials

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    technically it’s illegal to take your own waste home/to the recycling bins from the office as you’re not a licenced waste carrier…

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    Try to embarass them into it? – Letter to the local paper, FOE, Ecologist magazine etc?
    Eco-credentials tend to havs some value these days, even to the most obstinate business.

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    Stato. Same here. The scheme we did have in place was one being run by an employee in his own time. The company provided separate swingbins labelled appropriately (cans, bottles etc.) and my colleague used to take them to the recycling point on his walk home from work.

    Since the local council has now removed this facility (all homes now have individual bins, therefore a central drop off point is not required); my colleague can no longer do this. Another colleague with access to a car volunteered to continue the scheme, but it has fallen on deaf ears.

    Stravaiger. I’ll look into the uplift thing. Persuading people to separate their waste isn’t a problem, they’ve been doing it since 2001.

    Mountaincarrot. You may be right, but given their management style we’d rather use that as a last resort.

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    The company provided separate swingbins labelled appropriately (cans, bottles etc.)

    any real need for cans and bottles? – bad habits and lazyness – in 20 / 30 years soft drink cans and disposable water bottles may well be only seen in museums when people realise they are a gross waste of natural resources – pretty glad that plastic bags might be going that way and street lights more through financial pressure though

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