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  • Wireless Earbuds for riding?
  • Premier Icon rickon

    Hey Chaps,

    Does anyone ride with wireless earphones? I’ve got a pair with a connecting cable, which really annoys me with the noise of the cable making its way into the buds.

    I’ve been looking at the true wireless Earbuds, with no connecting cable.

    My worry is how likely they are to fall out? I can’t remember my current ones popping out while riding.

    But interested to know if anyone is using true wireless earphones when riding



    Premier Icon meandyuk

    Get some Aftershockz

    Premier Icon jam bo

    I ride off-road with AirPods. Not lost one yet…

    don’t use them on road.

    Premier Icon feed

    I use aftershockz (as mentioned above) for commuting and platronics backbeat fit 3100 for offroad. both would suffice in either scenario.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I’ve just sold them, but tried them out first – Samsung Galaxy buds, I was convinced they’d fall out when riding, but they don’t budge. The silicon bands with the notch (more of a fin) at the top hold them in really well.
    (I use an ipod and they weren’t loud enough with that, which is why I didn’t keep them, if you were wondering.)

    Premier Icon rickon


    Sounds like if I can get a good deal it’s not something to worry about then 🙂


    Depends on the price, I have a pair of Anker Sound Cores, they’re joined by a cable, in case one tries to go awol and they’re cheap enough that if they pack up I’ll get another pair.

    The more pricey ones are water resistant too.


    Regularly ride with some jabra active 65t and they don’t budge an inch. Have Apple AirPods for leisure use like walking or chilling and no way in a million years would I use them off road, the stalk would continually tap on helmet strap or it would probably flick them off and in my ears anyway although they fit fine no way do they fit well enough. The jabra aren’t cheap but I don’t do buying cheap stuff that then breaks continually.

    Premier Icon skink2020

    I have a pair of taotronics soundliberty 53. I’m fairly sure someone on here recommended them. Cheap, fit and function is good, battery and connectivity is ok.
    I haven’t had one fall out on a ride yet.


    Based on reviews i got my lad some MIFO O5 earphones. They came with a load of inserts to get the best fit and the sound quality is excellent.

    I use Urbanista Stockholm to commute, for podcast duties, with a Buf over the top to keep wind noise at bay (did this with wired too, makes a huge difference) which also stops me worrying about them falling out.

    Never MTBing though, guess I just prefer the noises MTBing but see commuting as a bit more utilitarian.

    Premier Icon boris

    Another vote for aftershokz. Got some of the ‘titanium’ ones and they work great and you can still hear cars etc.

    Premier Icon flicker

    I’ve been using a pair of Xiaomi airdots for the past 6 weeks or so. Very impressed with them, great sound quality and they haven’t made a bid for freedom yet.


    I use Air Pods. They work.


    Master & Dynamic MW07 Go

    Premier Icon lunge

    I’ve just bought some Creative Outlier for running and they’re really good. Don’t move at all and the sound it good. My wife’s Jabra Active are arguable even better but are also more expensive.

    Premier Icon MSP

    I have jaybird run xp, and jabra active 65t. While I prefer the sound of the 65t’s, the jaybird run are a lot more secure. I would also recommend getting some comply true grip tips, IMO they improve comfort and security.

    Premier Icon guitarhero

    Jabra Elite Active 65T for me. Good (for BT) sound quality and stay put.

    I just got the TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds that’s with Charging Case IPX8, waterproof TWS Stereo Headphones. It is suitable for sports to prevent water. Ideal for sweating it out while riding. I’m loving it so far!


    Some interesting reviews of cheap models here. https://www.scarbir.com/guide/wireless-sports-earphones-50-dollar


    I’ve got a helmet with built in speakers.only good offroad though without wind noise


    I use Powerbeats pro’s. Get 3 charges from their charging case, can use just one if you wish and have full control of changing tracks and volume from each earphone. Oh and they sound brilliant and never move so no risk of losing them

    Premier Icon merk

    My Samsung Galaxy buds are very secure for use at the gym, including when getting a sweat on on the wattbike.

    I prefer to hear what’s going on around when outside though.

    Premier Icon guitarhero

    Jabras have a hear through mode which uses the microphone to hear ambient noise.

    Premier Icon stevious

    I couldn’t get standard airpods to stay in even when walking, but have used the pros off road a fair bit and they stay in. Can also get different tips and/or over ear straps if you need them.

    Which is not to say you should get pro airpods, but if you get something with a soft tip you might be able to get an aftermarket solution if your particular ear shape isn’t a perfect match.


    I use plantronic backbeat fit.
    The band behind the neck is not noticeable at all. 8hrs battery life, access to controls on the earpiece, control of phone to use Siri and make calls.

    Also, as a benefit, the microphone on them is really good. I make a few calls when I’m riding and everyone says it’s very clear, even when moving.


    On road only* I had 65t and found the ‘hearthrough’ feature was useless, might have been my particular pair, but there are a few comments on the ‘net that its not that good, however, I got a 75t pair and its like night and day. Really comfortable, always stay in, great sound and with the hearthrough you can hear the traffic (or wildlife) easy enough, heartily recommended.
    Expensive tho, and initially you think they may fall out but once you give them that ‘twist’ they are in your ears forever 😉

    Premier Icon rockandrollmark

    I don’t ride with buds in, but run and boulder with a pair of these. They don’t transfer any vibrations when running, and have never popped out on the numerous high-falls when bouldering due to the fact that they have little “wings”.

    Also, at £25 for a pair i didn’t get upset when I left the last pair on a train.


    Using these:

    【Latest Model】 AIKELA Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Headphones Wireless Earphones Earbuds Noise Cancelling 140 Hours Playtime with Mic LED Display IPX7 Waterproof for iPhone Android iOS https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07WVZTC63/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_i_c1ZYEbRK7SZ7A

    £30. 3500mah powerbank. Review well. Good stuff. Cheap enough to not worry about.

    Premier Icon grim168

    i’ve got the Jabra 65’s. Use them for biking and running. decent quality and they’ve never felt loose or fallen out.

    Premier Icon rickon

    Thanks everyone for the recommendations.

    After much review research, I bought some RHA TrueConnect earbuds (I was going to buy some Cambridge Audio Melomania – but found a very good deal on the RHAs), come with four sets of silicon and three sets of comply foam tips – so finding a secure fit was easy.

    I’m pretty amazed at the build and sound quality of these, I’ve got some Jabra 85h over ears – which are a step up from the Sony 1000XM3 for me, and some Phillips X2HR open back 50mm wired over ears – all of which are as good as you can get until you’re spending north of £500. And these wee bluetooth buds sound incredible, and hold their own, almost feels bad to use them for riding!

    Pretty impressed at what you can get out of a single tiny speaker.

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