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  • TenMen

    I’m off to Norway in Feb for a winter survival course, and am looking for a pair of gloves. I’ve got ex-army triple-layer goretex mitts for the most extreme days – and -15 will be a warm day – but I also need something a bit more dextrous for wearing around camp. Don’t really want to spend more than £40; any recommendations?

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    The outdoordesigns range – same company as Rab – is generally decent and reasonably priced with it. Generally -15?C friendly gloves and ‘dextrous’ don’t really go together…

    Or ski gloves.

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    I have a pair of Montane Extreeme Gloves And they are great so far. I used to have Extremities Corbetts and a Black Diamond something or other, both leaked and then stayed wet. All other water proof gloves seem to leak as well.

    The beauty of these is that they are not meant to be waterproof – the Pertex just breathes out moisture so quick it does not matter.

    Really warm and great fit. and £35…

    I really like the buffalo pertex/pile mitts. Warm, very light and very cheap. But not dexterous, sorry.

    I have a pair of Montane Extreeme Gloves And they are great so far

    These look great! Like a Buffalo mitt in glove form. Something to replace my worn out Marmot ski gloves.

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    Something from the Extremities Glove Range might be what you are looking for.

    Can’t remember the name of the model that I had but it they were fleecy and windproof and were “dexterous” enough to allow me to unload skis / boards from the car, take my walking boots off, don my snowboarding boots and do up their laces.

    This operation was taking place in the car park at Sunshine Village, Alberta, Canada sometimes at -20c and gloves were vital from the point of opening the car door to getting on the gondola at which point my snowboarding mitts went on.

    The Extremities gloves wouldn’t have been any good for extended periods of use in that weather but for the use described above they were perfect.

    into de_void

    I wear Outdoordesign Summit series and they are brilliant, they’ve been to Norway with me twice (Malselfosen and Andleness) and lived up to the challenge…however they are bright red and if you’re on a Military course you may find someone objects! For general wear you cant beat Dachstein Mitts.

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    Combination of thin fleece inners eg power stretch so you can manipulate things without getting skin frozen and then a thick down based mitt over the top for normal use.

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