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  • Premier Icon Mike_T

    Hi guys,

    Anyone got any recommendations on windproof jersey’s. I was looking at the GroundEffect frosty boy, wind proof front fleecey thing.


    If you like the look of the Sugoi Firewall reviewed in this month’s mag, Cyclesurgery have them in black for £65, reduced from about £110. I’ve just ordered one. It’s a roadie-shape windproof softshell. Chipps seemed to like it and it looks just the job for me.

    Failing that, have a read of the review of the windproof jerseys in this month’s mag.


    Always used a softshell Northface Gillet- has ACG or something embroided on the front/bottom (not Nike but similar)


    My 3 year old Gore Phantom is far and away the best piece of cycling kit i’ve ever bought, although apparently the cut is a bit different on the new ones, which was news to me. Amazingly versatile with removable sleeves and good for everything apart from warm summer days (so basically everything going on last year).

    yep the new Phantom is baggier than the older N2S ones (when I tried it on).

    pick up an old Phantom or (what I did) go for an Oxygen. Bit more cash but lovely.

    i’d look at a very lightweight windproof shell and a decent thermal layer, i find this a far more flexible system

    at the moment (and that’s road riding down to about -5 bloody degrees C) i wear a merino top, a jersey and a lightweight windproof. yet to get cold.

    i’ve always found thicker windproofs sweaty and restrictive

    I always used to use the thermal and shell approach but have seen the light this year with softshells. It’s so much nicer to ride in something more like a proper riding jersey than a crinkly restrictive anorak. I have shell jackets, but they’re only for when it’s really pouring down.

    Premier Icon gamo

    The Endura FS260 Jetstream Pro Jersey is a great jersey.

    it’s not windproof though is it? Looks a nice winter jersey but it’d need a shell or gilet on windy/wet/colder days.


    got a frosty boy, it isn’t that warm on its own. I think i went out in -6 the other day and was wearing, a GE submerino, Frosty boy and an Assos Airblock Jacket over the top. Yes i was nice and warm, but i wasn’t roasting hot.

    I also find the body quite long for the fit. So much that i intend to hem it at some point.

    Premier Icon lunge

    If you want a cheap option there are ok softshells in Decathlon for £25, i have one and they are perfect for winter riding.

    Premier Icon gamo

    The FS260 has windproof front and arm panels, great for all
    but the coldest days(it feels like a spring/autumn top but works
    surprisingly well).

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    I’ve rediscovered thick woolly jumpers – work a treat 🙂

    Premier Icon Mike_T

    thanks for the advice guys.

    i really want to get into the softshell’s for riding but i run too hot for them, i snowboard in a TNF Apex softshell and sometimes find that to warm especially above 0c and it’s the thinnest around.
    So a SS is a no go one of the reason why i was looking at the GE Frosty. I actually bought a Specialized deflect jacket a few months ago, what a load of pants more like plastic bag, its super light but you end up wetter inside than it is out, it has to be cold and raining for it to work.

    maybe an idea for the Singletrack guys to review a clothing system that works together for different body types rather than individual items…..nudge

    thanks anyway everyone I’ll take a look at some of your suggestion.


    I’ve got a DHB one from wiggle which I find pretty good. It was fine yesterday riding through the snow for an hour on the South Downs with just a thin Altura base layer underneath. It’s only the front panel which is windproof though. What I’d really like to find is one that combined a windproof front and arms, so if anyone knows of one…


    acdave, have a look at the assos airjack, i also think Giordana do something similar. may be others that i am not aware of.

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