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  • Windows phones any good?
  • Looking at a new phone and different os. Appreciate there are loads of reviews on line but what do the stw massiv think.


    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Yes. Nokia Lumia 820 here and very happy with it. Find it far more intuitive than Android and much more pleasant to use.


    Htc 8s, no cult following, use it for work.
    office and exchange as standard.


    Enjoy mine (Lumia 820). It is however missing a notification centre which may or may not bother you, but having come from ios previous I do miss that aspect. Yes you have ‘live tiles’ which update to show missed actions however if you don’t have that particular app pinned to the home screen then you’ll get a sound notification but you’ll be scratching your head wondering what from! This is apparently being rectified early 2014 with the wp8.1 update.

    I would say go on the windows phone site and have a browse of the app store and see if it has what you want. Its currently missing some of the bigger apps and most notably an official youtube app whilst google and Microsoft argue among themselves however there and great 3rd party apps such as metro tube that do a great job of filling the gap. Likewise if you use instagram that’s not currently available although it is being released shortly, however there is 6tag which blows the official apps away.
    There’s plenty of alternatives for the few missing with official versions coming all the time.
    The only app with no support seems to be strava, but i grew bored with that anyway!

    Anyway, great phones but if your an app whore and must have the ‘in’ game/app straight away you may be disappointed,if your not bothered by that then they are great and well worth a look.


    I think they are decent, easy to use and are fast. The Lumia 520 I think blows every other phone out the water that is even close to it in price

    Thanks for that.


    Really rate my Lumia 800 bought stupid cheap last Christmas. i would defiantly buy a windows phone.


    if you dont want apps they work well but there is limited availability of apps
    off road mapping for cycling for example

    no strava or stw if you care


    there is a third party strava app (chaser). Proper endomondo app is very good too

    admittedly, i have had an odd issue with some websites that see you are on a mobile and insist you download their app instead, but then dont provide an app. (grooveshark). Cant say im that fussed about apps though. digital clutter

    the included free satnav on nokias is excellent, as is the “public transport satnav” nokia transport.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Another fan here. Mainly because it looks beautiful; also the family room and one note stuff is great. And 920s are less than £200 on ebay currently!

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    I loved my HTC lumia 920 but the Bluetooth profiles meant it wouldn’t work in my car, unlike every phone I’ve had before and the phone I have now.

    Check it works in your car if that’s important to you, unless you don’t mind ear piece things.

    Lots of info on Microsoft forums where owners are still waiting for a fix.

    I fixed my problem by taking it back yo the shop and getting an Iphone.

    Apps choice was woeful too but the idea of try before you buy is great.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I wouldn’t call app choice ‘woeful’. Plenty of stuff on there.

    Premier Icon bobmac892

    Having had various early series Windows phones I thought the Lumia would be for me but it wasn’t. The lack of some common apps was frustrating, the music player was awkward and the when you close any app and re-open it later it doesn’t open up on what you were doing.

    Kept my lumia a month before I caved and went back to Apple. My advice, get a loan phone for an hour or two if possible. Be sure before you commit cos it can be an expensive mistake.

    By the way if you do want a Lumia 920 I’ll have one going for sale next week.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    when you close any app and re-open it later it doesn’t open up on what you were doing

    Hold down the back arrow, it brings up a list of apps open where you were last working in them.

    As for it being an ‘expensive mistake’ – hardly. They are perfectly decent phones, you may not like some features but you’d have to be daft to cough up for a whole new phone Imo.

    Thanks for the help, Bobmac892 send me an email with the details of the phone.


    I had a Lumia 800 for a few months and it irritated the hell out of me. Incredibly buggy and actually rather clunky to use.
    A good example of how bad the MS app store is. Angry Birds = free on Android and iOS, it was £5.99 on Windows Phone (this may have changed since).


    I have an HTC 8X. I love it. No need to faff around with iTunes. MS Office apps included.


    I have been using a Lumia 620 for a couple of weeks now, I wasn’t sure at first, but now I love it.

    Apps are a bit limited, but I dont really use all that many anyway. I do like the tiles and the email set up.

    More than pleased with it.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    The app choice may have been woeful 6 months ago but is now rather good. Instagram and Vine being the two major omissions and they are now confirmed and due for release shortly.

    I have far more apps installed on my Lumia than I ever had on my Android phone.

    Sky Go is very likely soon too.

    Many of the major games publishers are pledging to release WP versions at the same time as Android and iOS.

    Bear in mind in Europe at least WP market share is around 11% and Apple just under 15% and in places like India and South America WP is more popular than iOS so app manufactures are having to take notice.

    I am running the Release 3 version of WP (official beta tester) and its rather good and once Nokia Black is released it will move WP to an even more potent competitor to the big two.

    If you’re going on contract and cost is not too much of an issue you can’t go wrong with the Lumia 925 at around £27 p/m

    If you’re going sim free then the 620 or 625 is where my money would be.

    EDIT – note it is not worth comparing the Nokia 800 / 900 to the new WP8 phones. WP7 was released too early and was by no means complete. The experience on the new phones is far superior. Yes I did have a Nokia 800 also!


    I bought a sim free lumia 620 from phones4u for £140, I use it with a sim only deal and it suits me as I dont want to pay out on big contracts.

    There are lots of deals and options these days as I have been finding out….


    I like my entry level Nokia lumia.. But then I’m still not really sure what an app is though, or whether I actually need one 😕

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    Is the 620 worth it over the 520 or is it pretty much all the same?


    520 here it makes calls does texts and you can get on the old internet, cameras sh88e but so are all phone cameras.

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    Really rate my Lumia 925. Cracking phone, take it on 4 day trips across Europe and don’t need to pack a charger.

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