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  • lucien

    Can anyone shed light on trail / bridleway conditions in these parts? Am thinking about venturing out that way, but not if it’s a sloppy mud-fest!

    Any updates, gratefully received 😀


    I think CFH’s country manor parent’s house is out that way, perhaps he can help.



    At the moment the ground is rather moist. That chalkland will be claggy, I’d say. Cold, though, so if you were out early, you might get one of those lovely frosty rides on the Plain.

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    Um, last weekend I rode north west of Shrewton so don’t know whether this helps. Normally the military roads are OK but one definitely wasn’t!

    Were you thinking of Shaston Drove/Ox Drove? My experience from a couple of years ago was that Shaston Drove held up better than the Ox Drove.

    There should be a couple of users that can answer your questions, they may pop up later.

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    OK, this route may be good and it’s also interesting:

    Start from around Shrewton then head up towards the Bustard Inn to use the perimeter track until Larkhill. Through houses to reach The Cursus that leads to Stonehenge. Cross over both the A344 and A303 to Normanton Down and its many barrows.

    Cross the A360 to go through Druid’s Lodge and drop down into the valley at Berwick St. James. There is a brilliant farm shop and cafe with superb bread pudding. Take byway that runs behind the cafe but this will be muddy. Turn R at byway X-roads to head up to A303. Cross over by Yarnbury hill fort.

    You can now either head to Chitterne or cross Plain heading for Army village. Head E to go through Orcheston, enjoying a bridleway descent.

    If you want some grid references, give me a shout.


    Hi, I live in Salisbury and ride the local trails twice a week all year round.
    It’s a bit muddy around shaftesbury drove and monarchs way this week but mine aren’t the only tyre trails so there’s plenty of people out riding them.
    I don’t venture out on the plains or Shrewton way much, too flat.


    Thank you for advice & guidance, much appreciated. Will put bike in the car and go for an explore I think….

    Was considering Wilton, to Steeple Langford on old roman road, up and round Shrewton on B/W and back to Stapleford, Stowford and Wilton on the BW’s…?

    Lucien, be sure to pop in to Stonehenge Cycles if you’re in town! Fine, fine shop!

    (I suspect I’ll be in at some point tomorrow morning as well!)


    I also ride in & around Salisbury, chalk is claggy so try and avoid but all the rest seems to be okay…just pray for a nice icy morning and it is super fast

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    The Roman road through Grovely Wood holds up well, it’s a hard surface, but the rest tends to turn to clag.

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    I’ve just got home (just south of Warminster) after working overseas and I’m trying to man up and go for a ride. I can’t face muddy trails and the inevitable hours cleaning afterwards. The road bike is looking so much more appealing right now….

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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