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  • Premier Icon fadda

    Hi again all,

    Still trying to decide on a week’s biking in March – anyone have any experience of these guys, and care to share with the group…?


    We had a great holiday a few years back

    awesome value for money – you wont get better in biking.
    great spot, pool, good food, marcos humour 8O, some good trails

    highly recommended..


    Yep, went last summer, thoroughly enjoyed it. Cracking riding and excellent company. Did the over-nighter in Granada, definitely worth it. Pals of ours have been well over a dozen times between them…


    Used them a few years ago. Should the opportunity arise to get away again then that’s the company I’d go back to. The riding, guides and Jackies cooking were all fantastic.

    Highly recommended and the overnighter is great. Do it. Oh and the pool temp never gets about 5 deg C , ever……….

    Premier Icon goslow

    I was with them for the 4th time last week. Still great! The hosts are excellent as is the riding.
    The little pool is really nice but wouldn’t be useable as early as March.


    Brilliant. Not been for couple of yrs now & would love to get back out there…

    Great riding, food, accommodation….etc.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Very good, had a great week there.

    Photo book of the week:

    Premier Icon fadda

    Thanks all, for your help!


    What? Nothing negative? The STW aint what it used to be.


    Mackem. I fell off lots & the pool made me shiver (in July).

    Only negatives I can think of.

    Oh, and +1 on the Granada overnighter…


    I was there 9 years ago. Ace riding, proper big day adventures and very tech. Mark was a great guide and the scran was made for people who’d been riding bikes for 8 hours 🙂

    Lots of punctures tho

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Was there in October for my 2nd trip with CicloMontana.

    Seriously, can’t praise them enough. Everything you want and need from a biking trip and nothing you don’t. The location is stunning, with an amazing amount of trails, the accomodation great – although the pool is fed from a glacier i’m sure! 😉
    The guiding is top notch and the evening meal is a lovely idea, other companies often expect you to forage for yourself in the evening but Marco and Jackie lay on a good spread with wine – all eaten in their apartment or on the patio depending on the time of year.
    To be honest, some of the riding is too much for me but how am i supposed to get better if i don’t keep going back? 😆

    Can’t wait to go again.


    I’ve been with Ciclo 4 times. Would go back in a moment. I love the area, love the riding, love the food, love the craic with Marco and Jacky … it’s just great. I would give it the highest recommendation.

    In April, me and 4 mates are doing the Ciclo Moroccan trip … can’t wait 🙂

    Premier Icon jim

    As above, really really good and took great care of me when I bashed my head and didn’t know where I was or what day of the week it was 😕

    Ohh. Ciclo goes to Morocco….tell me more? 8)

    Premier Icon Bolt

    Epic riding, cant fault, believe the pool is heated now aswell!



    Just booked with them again for May, think this will be my 12th trip with them. Great riding, company & food, oh & the pool felt pretty warm last october.

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