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  • nockmeister

    Blades of Glory…fookin hilarious


    if you like arrested development and/or seinfeld, then watch "it's always sunny in philadelphia". described as being "seinfeld on crack". it's the best new (non-cartoon) us comedy show i've seen in the last 10 years or so.

    Watched first 4 episodes. To be honest I am struggling. It's a bit more like Curb than Arrested Development and not a fan of Curb at all.

    Will stick with 1st season and see how it goes tho.

    Premier Icon IdleJon

    badnewz – Member

    Is the only reason for continually watching crap that you can't afford batteries for your remote?

    Luckily I have a longer attention span than 10 minutes. I made a mistake earlier though. You boys can power your remotes merely through mentally channeling your hatred for WF movies towards the TV screen. Could make a good scene for the next WF movie, as he's good at portraying sad, judgmental smug losers.

    I don't hate anyone, badnewz, least of all a fairly mediocre comic actor whose films are easily avoided.

    As far as abusing forum members for turning over when they don't want to watch your favourite loverboy on screen, I'd have to ask who is showing the hatred?

    Perhaps you should even learn how to read properly, and then you might see that I like Zoolander (one of my favourite films in fact) and Elf to a lesser extent.


    Premier Icon molgrips

    Seinfeld is the best show ever created btw!


    I have hardly seen such dreary stupid nonsense as Seinfeld. I've got absolutely no idea what on earth was meant to be funny about it? Some people do some stuff, and the guy's got keerazy hair. Did I miss something?

    Premier Icon Drac

    No molgrips I think that sums it up well.


    I don't get Seinfield either, I think you maybe have to watch the whole series to get it, understand the characters and the storylines


    Seinfeld is without doubt the smartest and best written comedy ever, took me a bit to get to know but it is hands down better than anything else. To see three of four storylines come together they way they do in a 25 min episode is superb. It was good from the start but from series 4 onwards it really hit its stride. You just have to persevere. Don't het me wrong not everyone will like but you have to admire how smart it is.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    drac and donk, do you get bulk discounts on your remote control batteries?

    no here's the thing, I have in the past watched some bloody awful tripe just cos I started watching it, once I've started watching something I tend to see it through, but WF films are the exception.

    oh just remembered Shoot em up I switched that off too.

    I don't mind Will Ferrell stuff, but I will say he is either really funny or really shite. Might take MFL Jr to see the "Other Guys", although got a feeling they have perhaps shown the funniest bits in the TV trailer…..

    Eddie Murphy just gets off on making movies taking the piss out of dumb american white people, which is fine, there are a lot of dumb american white people, but reverse the situation and we're back to the 1970's and being called racist 😐


    He was good as Wildlife Marshall Willenholly in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

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