Will 700c with 40 tyres fit a 26er????

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  • Will 700c with 40 tyres fit a 26er????
  • larrydavid

    Did it on a cannondale caad 4. I could get 35s in. However, the BB was too high, and the tt with drop bars was too long.

    Overall it felt weird. It worked, but not really – for me anyway.

    What about 650b wheels?

    Premier Icon scotroutes


    I’d be looking at a 650 rim with 47mm tyres though

    Premier Icon harvey

    i am experimenting with this at the moment. first of many tyres do not measure up as labelled, i.e.. some 35mm tyres are actually only 33ish, some 38mm tyres are 40mm and vice versa

    i triedWTB nano tyres 40mm ( v good reviews) they don’t fit !

    also tried specialised tracer 38mm – it just fits with a couple mm to spare
    i have fitted specialised tracer 35mm ( which measure up as 33-34 mm ) these are a cx tyre but roll really well on the road. i used them on an adventure race at the weekend, fast on the tarmac and coped well on forest tracks, mountain paths etc. really pleased with them
    BTW i bought a cheap carbon fork, 27.5 sized – keeps the geometry more consistent and allows a bigger tyre in front if required – it will definitely take the 40mm tyre.

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    I got 42s in a Cannondale bad boy 26 frame. They were slicks and there was only clearance for a fag paper. BB was too high too and top tube to long for drop bars.

    Premier Icon cp

    I couldn’t get 40 nanos in an inbred frame due to the chainstay bridge. You might be lucky in a 27 scandal as they don’t have the bridge. Clearance at the seatstay wishbone was bigger so would assume ok there.

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    Got a 26″ Scandal frame gathering dust can I make a monster cross gravel bike with 700c disc wheels???


    Prob is going to be height rather than width. Non-disc-specific frames are more likely to have the seatstay bridge set quite tight – this was the case on my old 26″ frame, 30s would just fit, 35s wouldn’t. But that isn’t a deal-breaker as there is a range of 650b rubber out there now if you don’t mind going down a wheel size, which is what I may get round to doing.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Prob is going to be height rather than width

    I couldn’t get 2″ (43mm) fat franks in my dekerf. I’d have needed more than than 3mm extra to make it work.

    Pretty sure they’d go in my Dialled Prince Albert. Clearance for days in there.


    Why not just use 26″ wheels and a set of Schwalbe CX Pros? That’s what’s on mine, along with a 100mm stem and some shallow drop bars.

    I swapped to a carbon 700c fork, but stil run the 26″ wheels. Works fine and rides really well.

    I accept that the choice of cyclo-cross tyres is limited, but it is not zero!


    Gave the winter bike away to one of my sons ,so I am going to chuck some 700c wheels on an old P7 26er frame for commuting.
    I am sure it will all be fine 🙂

    Edit> Schwalbe CX Pros,that’s what’s on the P7 just now 🙂 <edit.

    Premier Icon Bez

    I couldn’t get 2″ (43mm) fat franks in my dekerf.

    Has the inch fallen in value since the Brexit vote or something?

    Premier Icon nedrapier


    “I couldn’t get 2″ (stated), 43mm (measured, on open pro rims) fat franks in my dekerf.”

    Better? 🙂

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