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  • Premier Icon MadBillMcMad

    Just orderred and received a pair of kids Aqua Sphere swimming goggles.

    And they include a small bag of sweets.
    Presumably they are for my lad and not me.

    Premier Icon miketually

    You get them in most orders from Wiggle, not just kiddie stuff.

    they copied that idea off sideways tim


    who’s sideways tim? Is he like tim nice but dim?


    I think you lot are making these sweets up.

    I’ve ordered loads of stuff and have never received any sweets.

    I’ve quite a large collection of Wiggle bottle openers now but no sweets.


    I used to get sweetr……but now it always seems to be bottle openers. I can always eat sweets, but I don’t really need 5 bottle openers!


    I got a new chainring from wiggle today with no sweets. They must know i am on a diet 😐

    I have had sweets in the past tho…and bottle openers.

    Sorry but I don’t see why giving away sweets/bottle openers is good marketing.

    It is just giving you something to (hopefully) increase brand loyalty and a very half-assed attempt too.

    Good marketing would be giving you free samples with orders – of something directly relevant to what you have ordered. For example, buy a new chain and get a small tube of lube. Buy a frame and get a free lock.

    who’s sideways tim

    bearded purveyor of singlespeed bling

    Premier Icon funkynick

    mrmichaelwright… that works to the tune of Postman Pat you know…

    Does sideways have a website. A quick google has just brought up tons of videos of sideways bikes.


    his website is still as crap as it was years ago (for a long time it was just an ‘under construction’ page

    besides, he can’t empty your credit card by pointing out shiny stuff in his ‘virtual shop’

    Premier Icon MadBillMcMad

    well I have never received a freebie before this.

    I assumed they put it in as I had orederred some kids stuff & just thought
    it was a nice touch.

    You are unlikely ever to get much as a freebie.
    You always get what you pay for


    Yes but are they their own sweets or rowntrees?

    that is the question.


    Was at a ike trade show yesterday and saw one of the Wiggle Girls … Absolute Fox! still making me smile today!

    I love the Wiggle marketing ploys. The bottle opener, the sweets, the website and the loyalty spend thing.

    I wish they were all like that.


    Bought a Giant bike for my 5yr old at Xmas got a FREE proper pedal spanner and half tidy muti tool too…I was very impressed!

    Had the jelly sweets a few times too!

    Bike was really well built too…very little set up needed….and no I don’t have shares/work for them!

    Premier Icon mc2

    Haribo sweets….just opened mine!!


    Never got any freebies from Wiggle but did from CRC years ago when they first started up.

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    I got a free bag of sprouts with a on-one. Perhaps i’ll try Wiggle.


    funkynick – Member
    mrmichaelwright… that works to the tune of Postman Pat you know…

    funkynick- maybe time for your medication?


    Hang on- a bag of sprouts? Eh? WTF is that all about?


    Anyone got a wiggle voucher 😆

    Premier Icon simon1975

    Apparently you can get a free hipflask with a Singletrack mag subscription – now that’s good marketing, so long as I actually get one at some point!

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