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  • Wierd noise at rear
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    Did a long gravel ride at weekend and near the end when in lowest 4 or 5 gears (big cogs) there was a noise like a dry bearing rumble soon as went into bigger gears disappeared.
    i cleaned, degreased chain and derailleurs and re lubed. However same noise. What is strange is that it starts around 4 or 5 from biggest sprocket, if go up one more and then drop it back to original rumbling gear the sound disappears?

    i have a giant revolt with GRX x 1 with a 11-42 rear.

    Anyone have any experience thoughts or ideas before i start taking it all apart and probably failing to fins the cause?

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    If it’s disappearing when you shift back in the opposite direction, it suggests something’s not lining up in the same place twice. My guesses would either be a sticking cable/ mech, or something slightly loose that’s allowing a small amount of movement, maybe loose axle, mech or cassette, or possibly worn freehub bearings.Edit: also check your B tension/jockey clearance/mech hanger alignment first.

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    I had similar (and many other problems) with a sram rival mech just before it disintegrated due to jockey wheel bolt undoing itself.

    Problem solved when rebuilt with added blob of locktite.

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    Its the clutch on the derailleur. Noise only there when it is on and also much harder to change gears. Anyone know if something can be done?

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