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  • Premier Icon seven

    I currently run riser bars on my HT. they are 640mm wide, but lately I have been feeling I could do with wider bars (not sure why).

    What advantages/disadvantages are there to using wider bars, and should I go for 685mm or 711mm. or indeed not bother changing?

    Stem is 90mm if that has any bearing

    Cheers for advice

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    711 bar, you can always cut them down if you want to (which you won’t want too)

    More control, less twitchy, better at speed. Not so good on really narro tree lined sections.

    Premier Icon Ben_Haworth

    711mm bars and a 70mm stem.

    You’ll love it 🙂

    I’ve just put a set of Easton Havocs on my Enduro. 711mm wide, really nice rise and sweep.

    OK, so at really slow speeds they’re a bit wobbly, but once you get up the pace, the handling is sublime!


    750mm bars and a 50mm stem – great for wider shoulders and increased control/leverage. Not so good for clipping your knuckles but you soon learn how wide a gap you can squeeze through.


    i bump into trees if i have wider bars…

    I just dont find it natural to have bars wider than shoulder width so i generally cut 20-30mm off the standard length, whatever that is

    Definitely worth ago but be prepared to change back because I think it may be bike dependant.

    1. On my Mongoose HT, putting on wide bars with a 70mm stem felt immediately beneficial.
    2. On the Giant TranceX, putting a 75mm stem made it twitchier but easier to get off the back (TranceX had quite a short effective TT). But when I put the wide bars on, it felt like it had lost something important. I switched back to the narrower light bars.

    My theory is that it’s to do with the front weighting/slackness. My Mongoose is quite slack and heavy at the front and I reckon the big bars helped improve the control. My Giant is front light and a bit steeper and the big bars just upset its normal agility.

    But deffo worth a go.

    Premier Icon seven

    cheers for advice, think I’ll give it a go

    anybody got some 711mm bars for sale 🙂


    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    These are good for the money.. Funn


    I have burgtec ride wide bars on one bike my 456 and sunnline v2 on my turnerxce, as i get exercise induced asthma, i find the more open arm/chest position helps my breathing

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