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    As part of some house renovation we have some plug / aerial sockets being put in. From these we have an ethernet cable running to the front of our house where the router is. Behind the TV I’d like to put a combined Wi-fi extender / hub.

    I’d like the TV to have its own wired internet connection (even though its got Wi-Fi) but also extend the Wi-Fi signal in to the garden. Can anyone recommend a product, or should I just Wi-Fi the TV using a normal Wi-Fi extender?

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    Our wifi extenders have an rj45 socket in. BT300 and D-link something else.


    It’ll need an RJ45 input from the router, but I also want an RJ45 output socket as well. Do these exist?


    I brought one of these not expecting much but it’s been great. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00LP8PGS2/ref=mp_s_a_1_23?ie=UTF8&qid=1510589260&sr=8-23&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=edimax&dpPl=1&dpID=31F45mroKCL&ref=plSrch

    Used it to extend my virgin super hub 2 (bag of shite) WiFi and has now been running for 2 years. Coverage and reliability are good. I didn’t expect it to get my WiFi to the end of the garden but it does.

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    the last one i had gave it a seperate network name like network-ext is there a way of seamlessly extending it?


    I have used a D-Link and have a spare new in box SMC version which if you’re interested is surplus to requirements.
    It also cleans the signal and speed amongst file downloads iirc.


    I use a powerline wifi extender in the garage to get the signal out there for Zwift


    If you want proper seamless wifi, I’d look at something like the BT Whole Home Wifi system.
    I think they have an ethernet socket on each extender. Just plug it into a switch if you want more sockets.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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