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  • M6TTF

    Good ride from macc over to Buxton and out over ladder hill then looping round into the goyt and back to macc. More road miles than I'd have liked but good fun and clocked up 30 hilly miles!


    Had a fun play around chicksands today, perfect conditions and big grins 🙂

    Premier Icon ton

    had fun over cutgate twice, and round ladybower.
    was very nice.. 8)

    had good fun testing lots of bikes at aldermarston demo/race day.
    very quiet so easy to try whatever bike with no waiting :0)

    that pie looks sooo good tho mmmmmm

    Premier Icon timraven

    Due to time constraints a quick blast round Cwmcarn, with several laps of the free ride sections.
    So fast, so much fun 😆


    Had a nice ride out from Grassington with Domino 🙂


    Yeah but in a perverse way.
    Did 90 miles on the road in freezing rain taking in all the 'horrid' climbs and I felt great.
    I had no rain jacket and only fingerless gloves and after riding 41/2 hours in pain the sun decided to come out when I put the key in my front door.
    But I had that great feeling you get when you don't give up and turn back.
    No pie though 😥

    Premier Icon Drac

    Yup I did.

    Plan was a big costal ride with a sneaky pub stop but then my eldest announced she wasn't going shopping and wanted to come riding with me. So took her on her first off road jaunt, only 4.5 miles but she did well loved the down, the bumps and just being out.

    Plan is to extend it to the beach next time for an icecream and a bar meal may now be added.

    and a shite video.



    Rode on a Steam train with my 2 year old superstar!

    (Had a good bike ride Thursday :); Forest of dean )

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Set out today to ride above Derwent but the girls wanted to ride above Langsett as it was pie Sunday at the Wagon and Horse's so we made a detour. We met lots of walkers and bikers all of who were pleasent and enjoying the day out, even the budggie smugglers smiled. We even had cheers on the downhills. Pie was scrumptious.


    Hope every one had as good as day


    So took her on her first off road jaunt, only 4.5 miles but she did well loved the down, the bumps and just being out.

    She's just become a role model too. My youngest (2 1/2) took one look at her and said, "That me with lovely pink he'met an' coat!" She enjoyed the video too, "That that girl! She go faster! I not go faster I go slower." 😀


    Cracking day wasn't it? :mrgreen:

    Short one for me; 3 climbs and 3 descents in Hebden then lunch 😀

    Premier Icon Drac

    Ahhhhh that's nice to know HW.


    3 hour hack round Surrey Hills. Apart from one silly moment putting my weight in the wrong place causing tyres and trail to become suddenly averse to each others' company, mojo was well and truely present. Biking's ace 🙂


    Had a nice ride round the Red at Sherwood Pines on the new bike.

    Everything was spot on, bit muddy in some parts bout all round a great ride.

    Premier Icon robgarrioch

    Had Comrie Croft all to myself this morning; brilliant when you can camp <30m from a decent red route… Having a fledgling photo-taker along can be handy too..



    Went out for the first time in 2 month today. Got 30miles done around Kingley Vale, Hampshire. Was expecting to come back broken as I've had one issue after another recently but I feel surprisingly good.

    Was a little annoyed with myself though as I had left the bike for two months in the shed without cleaniing it properly and wet brake dust had taken it's toll on my caliper so I had to rebuild the rear before the ride and thought I got away with just cleaning the front. Was riding down to a little village and something happened to the front wheel and it locked and sent me ball hugging my stem!!

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    Did about 5 minutes today at midnight – had been riding since 0600 the day before though!

    To cold for an icecream yesterday – more treacle sponge and custard weather.

    Did a 300k audax on my Cotic Roadrat and the first 100 miles were into the wind and we had 6 punctures – plus one more on the way back. Big day out.


    Yep, after a few barron weeks of riding did a 3 hr road ride and felt the motivation returning.


    Brilliant three hour ride around Stanmer Park, made more fun due to a friend nailing some solid jumps on his second ever ride.

    Premier Icon oldagedpredator

    Bit of grit – run through roych clough. Bit of lime – round peak forest area. All lovely and dry.

    Top marks go to a girl on a tourer with slicks – roych clough looked like a good ride on the map.

    Good local ride for us ,finishing at the cafe in Apedale.Cheese and bacon oatcakes mmmm.


    hid in the woods with a blue bike 🙂


    Quick road run out to Lyme Park and back. Lovely weather, no headwind. Lots of stupid effin motorists though.

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Quick blast round Kirkhill forest this morning with my girlfriend, awsome weather, just the ticket for re-gaining my confidence after a heavy stack on Wednesday evening. 🙂


    Drove up to Dalbeattie on Friday night. Left at 6:30pm – arrived 11:30pm.
    Stayed at Gorsebank.
    Rode Kirroughtree on Saturday, back to the wigwam for dinner & beers, then up this morning for a lap of Dalbeattie.

    Great weekend, sunny weather and some great riding.
    Only bad bits were not having the kahuna's to do McMoab justice or The Slab at Dalbeattie. All good though.


    Not a pretty ride, but my first 3+ hour outing since the birth of newest daughter, on my new to me roadrat 🙂


    I had a superb day's riding with my 2 mates, went to Innerleithen, did a lap of that for 1st time and thought it was superb. Then over to Glentress for a climb to the top then 3 runs of the top section of downhill, catching good air and riding it mega fast…. then right down to the bottom. Frikkin awesome. Golspie next weekend…woop woop.

    However i have decided that the Hope X2 brakes on my Orange 5 suck so im upgrading the pads and the rotors to 203mm up front and 183 at the rear. hoping that will rectify the situation, if not M4's here we come.


    1981, I thought the same, put some kevlar pads in and its made a huge difference, although I am running 183s front and back


    Pass of ryvoan then sluggan pass where I got a bit carried away on a descent and nearly did meself a mischief


    Just a quick street ride on the new bmx, getting used to it. Backs aching but think (hope) it may just be muscles I'm not used to using rather than being too crouched over! Bit annoyed the council have got rid of our local mini-ramp, I petitioned for that a few years ago!


    Uber Fantastic day on the Tywi Track, from Devil's Staircase over to Strata Florida. Then a quick blast around Cwm Rhaeadr. Plus a pint in the pub, and a meetup with old friends 🙂

    Life is good.

    I finally found the time to get round the Monkey Trail today – loved it, really impressed with the work that's gone into it. Amazingly, I managed to cross the road without mummy holding my hand, there's one in the eye for the H&S naysayers 😉 Couple of switchbacks I have to go back to conquer, mind.


    I had a cracking 20 miler coming home yesterday after work along the North Downs Way. Lots of lovely bluebell filled woods with some big hills to grind up and swoop back down again 🙂

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