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  • Sydsho

    I'm a transport design mature student doing some research to design a new mtb accessory which as a topic covers everything from parts to stowage to traveling to clothing.

    so i want to start by finding out what you all hate about mtbs, parts, the riding experience, fixing, traveling, storing, locking whatever ticks you off so that i might be able to solve or improve??

    just have a rant… i hate not gettin to mtb parks cause i dont drive & they wont let me get my bike on the buses!!! i hate constantly realigning my rear mech so gone singlespeed. i hate needing to change tyres to ride street and trails… ect

    thanx for any help =

    Mark Datz

    I hate that cabidg that germin peepel ete I dont reely lik cabidg enyway but gernin cabidg totaly tasts horabil my mom like it so she maks me ete it sumtimes


    Wise words Mark. Did you know that in the great war of 1914-1918 we British called the Germans "krauts" which is in fact the German word for cabbage…makes you think eh?


    Personally, I hate things that have been designed with no thought as to how they'll be worked on/fitted in the real world.Bolts and screws just happen to be my favourite pet hate, but only when they've been fitted in a poorly designed place, examples- Avid Juicy lever reach screws that sit next to, and point straight at the grip so you can only adjust with the short end of the key by a few degrees at a time.Certain Shimano front mechs with the cable clamp bolt sitting very close to the tyre, and angled towards it so you struggle to get the key in.Certain BMX U-brakes where the cable clamp grubscrew sits next to, and points straight at the stay. None of these are a massive problem as a one-off, but a little more thought at the design stage could easily eradicate problems that seriously p*ss you off when encountering them day-in, day out.Oh, and brakes that need more than a spanner,hose and jam-jar as bleeding tools too.


    Recently, I hate getting wet on my commute, so if you can redesign the weather that would be great. When I waited for the bus up the hill it had the old shit bike rack that won't hold 2.5" tyres, I had to wait nearly 4 minutes for the next one with the new style rack that'll take my 2.5" commuter tyres! My pedals need servicing cause the creak a little and I can't be arsed! I spent my working day today in my socks cause 5-10's are like giant sponges!

    ps. whats a transport design student? I'm a transport planner which covers a whole load of stuff, are you just doing design of transport facilities? Genuinely interested.


    I hate cyclists. Every last herbal tea-drinking, Harriet Harman-voting one of them. That's one of the reasons I live in the countryside, where birds tweet, horses roam, pigs grunt and Lycra-clad buttocks are miles away. But recently, there's been a disturbing development.

    Each Saturday, a big black truck appears at the bottom of my road, with bikes stuck to the roof and rear. Out of it step a bunch of City-boy ponces in fluorescent Spider-Man outfits, shades, bum bags and stupid cleated shoes, who then pedal around our narrow lanes four abreast with their private parts alarmingly apparent. Do they enjoy it? They never smile. I'm sure they just come here to wind me up.

    Yeh, yer right.

    wt i hat iz peepl hu txt tlk

    But the pet hate is folk who just don't do their jobs and lie


    I hate the rear mech. What an archaic piece of kit.

    There's got to be the technology to produce a cheaper and lighter option than is out there at the moment.

    Please can someone design something to replace that noisy, unreliable, easy to damage, floppy bit of metal dangling off of the back of my bike while I'm still young enough to enjoy it.

    rusty trowel

    Brake pads that wear out after 1 ride. Grinding gears in the winter. Cleaning my bike off – may drive me to the darkside permanently. Getting scratched up by gorse bushes. Not being fit or light enough. The cost of parts (chainrings – come on, how much!). Walkers – well not all of them. Unreliable lights. Getting sweaty on commute. Lack of decent roads from Dorset to Wales……and breath.


    people who design bike lanes who obviously don't ride a bike

    External BB's.


    "Go Compare…..!"

    "Go Compare….!"

    I also hate:
    That fat, squeeky bloke on Coast
    Tim Wannacot – Bargain Hunt
    That Ginger haired bird on Gardeners World
    "We buy any car (dot com…..) We buy any car (dot com…..). Any, any, any, any…."
    Steve MaClaren (never ever forgive HIM)

    Re bike hates –
    Cup and Cone hubs – sh*te….

    Good Luck!


    Premier Icon pedalhead

    People who post classifieds ads and then disappear from the face of the earth. wtf is that all about?!

    And squeaky bikes, especially when it's mine.


    I've a few examples from my own experiences:

    Race Face bottom brackets
    Race Face cranks
    Self destructing Crank Bros pedals
    2002-04 Specialized seat stay mech hanger plates
    Lock on grip hex bolts
    Shimano front mech bolts which strip their threads

    In each and every case a promising concept has been ruined because of boneheaded design and the lack of testing. Such a concept might work brilliantly on paper, but in the case of my Race Face cranks, it's no bloody use if the spline interface isn't protected from fretting damage.

    non-split clamp brackets on shimano brake levers

    losing EVERYTHING when i'm fixing up a bike – i KNOW i have 3 spare sets of brake pads, and a suitable tube for my 29er – i've SEEN them in the past week, but i cannot for the life of me find them now.

    removing chainrings from cranks, with that silly wired little chainbolt removing tool, and the constant cuts in my hand from the chrinring teeth when it slips

    tubeless – just can't be arsed anymore, changing tyres is such a shit job when tubes are so much easier (i rarely puncture)

    cartridge bearings – cup and cone are so much more reliable ime.

    putting tools down and then forgetting where i put them. drives me nuts.

    Premier Icon Woody

    Change for the sake of it eg. bb/crank interfaces + needing different tools for different manufacturers.

    Simon Le Bon

    Myriad seatpost diameters – surely 2 is enough. This also applies to bars/stem/steerers.

    Simon Le Bon

    Crown races that don't fit onto the crown (I've had to ream the last 3)

    Not having a garden hose or electricity in my garage

    Simon Le Bon


    The majority of women 4×4 drivers

    Lorraine Kelly + even worse that lump McManus who won Pop Idol years ago and appears on a morning talk show on ?STV. I'll also add Jeremy Kyle for giving airtime to above chav scum.

    Simon Le Bon

    Most politicians

    WTF if this is meant to be a joke…

    Mark Datz – Member
    I hate that cabidg that germin peepel ete I dont reely lik cabidg enyway but gernin cabidg totaly tasts horabil my mom like it so she maks me ete it sumtimes

    …its not funny anymore just stupid & boring!


    Mmmm. The Mark Datz troll was only mildly amusing the first time, now it's trying too hard.

    Premier Icon Woody

    As per previous threads – way too much thought and effort has gone into appearing stupid. 🙄


    and yet the first 3 words of his sentence showed alot of promise.

    Maybe we're just too uncool and dont know it yet

    Bromptons, taxi drivers and people that post and pontificate on what tyre they need for an impending peak trip on their spangly new singlespeed Ti twattybollocks.

    I also hate fettling. Like pumping coins into a fruity.


    people that post and pontificate on what tyre they need for an impending peak trip on their spangly new singlespeed Ti twattybollocks.

    I know this is a hate thread, but I like that. 'singlespeed Ti twattybollocks'. Quailty.


    I HATE dog poo!


    Setting up gears.

    Not remembering which way to twiddle the nob on the shifter to adjust it is a personal bug bear.

    Hard to reach bolts, esp suspension ones behind BBs.

    Bleeding brakes

    Scuff marks from cables.

    Having to lube everything.

    Squeaky things.

    Having to wash the bike before sticking it in the car.

    Living in a flat and having to shove the bike haphazardly into a cupboard without it's wheels on.


    Oh, and fat blokes in lycra.


    Premier Icon BigDummy

    I hate rubbish chainguards. Specifically, I hate the SKS Shockboard. I hate it because it mounts behind the flange of the drive-side bottom bracket cup. It ought to be really, really good, but the way it's mounted seems to interfere with the bottom bracket. That means that if you're caning it through Brixton in the middle of the night because she's texted and wants you to come over, the bottom bracket can suddenly loosen off. That has to do damage to the threads, but it also makes you late and that can be really annoying.

    So yes, better chainguards please.

    Cucumber. I **** hate cucumber. I also hate people who say, 'but it doesn't taste of anything'
    Yes it does, it tastes of **** cucumber!

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    The thought of paying for Premier membership – and then there being nothing on the site that was Premier Members Only.


    dog poo, injuries and upgrade fever when it strikes.


    On being told that the metal backing of his brake pads has scored his rims.. "How am I supposed to know that? I always ride with my iPod on."



    Noobies that run red lights………and get the rest of us a bad name.
    Them ****' extending dog leads
    Cars parked in cycle lanes
    Wet rocks
    Travelling for 2hrs to a 'trail centre' when you could have ridden sommat just as challenging not 30mins from your doorstep.
    Skegness – grim.
    Front mechs

    Premier Icon ton

    On being told that the metal backing of his brake pads has scored his rims.. "How am I supposed to know that? I always ride with my iPod on."

    What, seriously?!

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    I hate the word 'hate'… 🙂 however;

    When it comes to bikes, I'm somewhat dissatisfied by:

    [*]MTB specific clothing that you pay a premium for, yet simply doesn't last (Endura's zips for starters)[/*]
    [*]Having to take my QR front wheel out so I can adjust the air pressure in my fork.[/*]
    [*]The cable route on my shadow rear mech sending the tail directly towards the spokes of the rear wheel.[/*]
    [*]How you have to align your stem / steerer / frame by eye. Surely you'd only want it pointing straight ahead so why not design it so it can only do that? Or have I missed something rather obvious?![/*]
    [*]Dog walkers who think it's somehow socially acceptable to either let their dogs crap where they want, or if they can be arsed to pick it up, then put it in a bag and fling it at a tree, tie it to a fence or just leave it there. Actually; that's what the word 'hate' should be used for! [/*]

    I'm sure there's more…

    Front mechs

    whaaa? you've just got to set them up right!

    I agree with you on gripshits though.


    refitting a rear wheel with the chain and rear mech – infact add rear mechs too.

    On being told that the metal backing of his brake pads has scored his rims.. "How am I supposed to know that? I always ride with my iPod on."

    What, seriously?!


    He stormed out of the shop shouting "I'd heard you guys were a rip off!"

    Bye.. Get well soon!

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