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  • izakimak

    Durham brewery. St Cuthberts ipa. Not to shabby at all.


    Several pints of guinness followed by several bacardi and cokes. Now counsuming obligatory curry chip.

    Vodka and Pepsi max (watching the calories) so staying of the beer

    Tom B

    Wine. Lots of it-my head is pounding! Off out for a ride now too!


    A couple of wee Cocktails last night… a smoky whisky sour and Scottish Caiparinha. Both were rather interesting.

    My heid is remarkably clear this morning.


    Correction to the above post as to what I was drinking… to see for myself if Single Malt Whisky Cocktails are acceptable I decided to do a wee bit of research into this important and thought provoking area of Mixology (real word!).

    I’m not a reviewer so please be gentle with my descriptions etc… I’d not normally put ice anywhere near Whisky but I like it with Bourbon… here goes!

    Glenmorangie Quinta-Ruban, 10 year old Tawny Port, Orange Bitters &
    Brandy Marinated Griotte Cherries

    I fookin loved this… really excellent flavours and very fruity tasting with the Whisky being mellowed but driving the drink.

    Scottish Caipirinha
    handmade scottish tablet muddled with lemon & lime wedges,
    stirred with crushed ice, then topped with drambuie and
    talisker 10 year old single malt whisky.

    Interesting and very clever. I like Talisker and this did not ruin it in anyway (a bit odd when you get tablet chunks in your mouth… hmmm, crunchy).

    Burnt Islay Old Fashioned
    a very contemporary twist on an old classic. lagavulin single malt
    whisky & makers mark bourbon, muddled sugar with orange bitters
    and a dash of grand marnier, stirred over ice and served

    Very pleasant. I love Lagavulin and again it was the driving flavour. The mixture here worked well with the orange and smokey flavours working together.

    Remember… it was all just a bit of fun :mrgreen:


    I’m going the phase of drinking Wye Valley stuff…

    1. Butty Bach
    2. HPA
    3. Dorothy Goodbody

    Not sure if its a good or bad thing, but it seems I can drink quite a few, get merry, but without the hangover the next day!

    Not much of drinker these days anyway…

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