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  • Who wants a go at defending Amber Rudd?
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    New polling for the King’s Fund thinktank found that two-thirds (66%) of the public are willing “to pay more taxes in order to maintain the level of spending needed” on the health service.

    saw that quoted somewhere although it seems a bit high thinking about it

    same source as…

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    What frustrates me about this whole shebang is that when you start comparing UK politics & domestic social policy to those of our European neighbours, we seem to be stuck in some bygone age of feudalism where our politicians are akin to the Lord of the Land & we’re the scummy subjects who are told we survive only by the benevolence of our betters in Westminster.

    For example, take the long term privatisation policy the Conservatives started in the Thatcher era. Something that appeared to serve one long term goal of undermining the unions, and the short term goal of making a fast buck at the expense of future generations.

    I’m my opinion it’s pointless, unhelpful, misleading etc. To compare us to France & Germany when our reapective public infrastructures are so totally different. For example, public utilities are still by and large public owned and profit is ploughed back in, whereas in the UK we sold our public utilities, which then got stripped to the bone for profit, no longer contribute to the exchequer. In a bizarre twist of fate we now have large parts of our utilities and transport part owned by EU governments, who are actually reinvesting the profits made in the UK into their own infrastructure.

    So all this bollox about public expenditure and running at unacceptable deficits is all of their own making, it’s just that the peasants are again bailing the Rich kids out by simply putting up with it all & having the odd random I’ll informed internet rant…!

Viewing 3 posts - 81 through 83 (of 83 total)

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