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  • Who owns a nukeproof mega?
  • edward2000

    Are they suitable for all day rides around the Peak? Or should I consider the Reactor – or even a Hightower (which I asked about recently). How do they compare to my Rallon which some scumbag stole recently?

    I really need to get some demo days sorted!

    I have both mega 275 and hightower.
    I will ride all day on both. Ride in lakes and Scotland mostly so I would say a mega is fine for all day in peaks.
    With the seat tube being steeper I find climbing fine on mega for a big hitter.i have alloy mega and Hightower cc and even then there is not much in it climbing wise for me. Better for tech climbs on mega.

    Hightower handles better (29er) and gets better the faster you go.

    When riding the mega you k ow you have plenty of bike under you. I’m not a big fan of the mavic hubs but easily changed.
    I only got the 275 mega because I dont ride flat out stuff. I prefer the twist tech rock work and thought the 29 mega was built for flat out tbh.

    Hope this helped. Wouldn’t put you off either.


    I have the 2020 29 mega, and I’d say possibly not. It’s a big bike, fine for winching up fire roads and tracks, but not best suited for those long technical climbs over rock and roots you find in the lakes, it’s just a bit too numb. Hike a bike up Helvellyn or Skiddaw then thrash it down definitely, big long xcish loop like bowderdale near sedbergh, doable but I could think of better tools for the job.

    Premier Icon spennyy

    I have a 2019 290 and my lad owns a 275. Both absolute weapons. You can ride them all day no problems however I would say the 290 is probably a bit overkill for most stuff. If you don’t do anything mental I’d be tempted with a reactor.

    i did do until “Graemethejock” sent my cash back and sold it to a higher bidder!!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I had the 2017 Mega 290 and didn’t really enjoy all day Peaks rides on it, as it didn’t pedal that well.

    The new ones may be better, but the 29er Reactor is probably a more appropriate choice.

    I’ve got a 2018 275. It climbs pretty well; the only place it doesn’t work well is on trails with little gradient. I run heavy/sticky tyres, though, so with something lighter I’d imagine it would feel more lively. It’s a great bike overall.


    Premier Icon joebristol

    I think the Mega 275 is quite similar to the Bird 145LT I recently sold – Enduro with 160mm rear travel / long reach / slack headangle etc.

    For big days out on big terrain it was ok e.g blacks at CYB and Snowdon / Brechfa black / red route joined up.

    That’s not to say something a bit lighter and perhaps slightly shorter travel wouldn’t do it better.

    On very tight twisty trails and flat pedally things the Mega isn’t likely to be the best option.

    I wonder if something like a Bronson or the new Transition Scout might be a good middle option between 130mm trail bikes and 160+ travel enduro bikes for the kind of riding you describe.

    Edit – or the Norco Optic

    Premier Icon Sir HC

    I had a Transition Smuggler V1, really good bike, but wanted something longer/slacker/newer. Also have a 29er Enduro gnarpoon.

    Edit – or the Norco Optic

    I looked at the optic, ticked a lot of boxes, wanted to demo one, Evans were less than helpful. Norco need to sort that out.
    Its had very good reviews, the only think I wasnt sure about is the lack of climb switch for long fire road climbs and the odd length shock, rockshox spare part availability is pretty hit and miss.
    Evans wouldn’t entertain ordering an Optic frame only either, wasn’t sure about the green, which had a good build and the black I’d sell most of the build kit on it!
    Ended up picking up a Reactor 290, as could get it as a frame only, wen’t for the ali version, as there didn’t seem to be any weight difference, rang up Hotlines and they wouldn’t tell me or would they weigh a frame…

    So far so good with the Reactor, its effectively the same geo as the enduro with a bit less travel, sits very much between the smuggler and enduro, which is what I wanted.
    Its been on some steep trails and was really good, rear end feels like it has more travel than it does. Pedals really well, certainly very much in the trail bike category. Not tried it on any really rough trails yet, eastridge springs to mind. Weight wise its 31lbs, which is pretty good nowdays for a trail bike, could knock another 1/2lb off, but you want proper wheels and tyres.

    Premier Icon Blackflag

    The Hightower is more than capable of gobbling up the rough stuff in the peaks. Thats where i ride mine and i’ve never ridden down Beast or Cavedale thinking i need more bike (I do have 150mm 36s on mine). It also pedals better and is a lot more agile than a mega.


    There replies have made me think the reactor is more the suitable option. It’s the compromise between the downhills and getting to them which I need to decide on. I think my next post on STW will be ‘reactor or Hightower!’

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    Bit late to this one.
    I’ve got a 2017 Mega 275 with 160 forks – that worked quite well over the pedally bits of the Peaks for 1/2 a day, been good on most trail centre climbs too.
    Although just changed the forks to 170 so will have to see how that goes once I’m not crocked and back on the bike.

    Reactor does look good though.

    Premier Icon joebristol


    Is it 29er or 650b or either you’re thinking of?

    Just bought a Bird Aether which is quite a long and slack trail bike with 140f/130r travel. So kind of similar to a reactor – but cheaper and with better customer service than CRC.

    Edit – not had a chance to ride it yet but hoping it’ll be awesome m. I enjoyed my Bird Aeris 145 but fancied something a little less hardcore and also more lively on less gnar trails.

    2018 mega 275c and I’d ride it all day long. Got a lockout on the shock so climbing isn’t an issue. Put into party mode for the downs. Great bike.

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