Who has their own blog then?

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  • Who has their own blog then?
  • itchy

    Thinking of starting my own blog and just wondering how many users on here have one. Have found the site to do it(wordpress), just wondering what sort of content folks on here have on theirs. Cos I’m a nosey b*st*rd probably.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Me I use WordPress I rarely update it but that doesn’t matter as no one visits and I only use it as I took the hosting up for email, hosting space and for the slim chance I may use the blog.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Do folk do it for reasons other than updating family/friends, or thinking they are really interesting to the public at large? (which I have unversally found blogs not to be)


    Another wordpress user here, host it myself though rather than have a wordpress blog. Most of my family and friends are in other countries, prefer to have something that they can go and look at as and when they want rather than emailing. Am trying to keep a record of bike routes there too.


    Was looking at doing a similar thing to Terrahawks,hosting routes on there is a good idea as well though.

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    even though most of the stuff I put on mine is only really interesting to…er…me…looking at the stats I do get a lot of traffic these days.
    So someone’s interested. Plus it lets my mates know that I’m not dead.

    The key is, you’ve got to update it regularly. Which of late I haven’t done.


    I’ve got one which I updated earlier today for the first time in a while.



    i do, but rarely update it nowadays. infact i have 2, a bike one and a non bike one, they link together quite nicely i think (im quite proud of my development of the basic templates)
    must remember to set my new phone up! now i can send MMS messages, i can post images to it “on the fly” and stuff, which may encourage me to use it more….


    or possibly clicky my name on the forum? (the green names have a link associated with them i believe)


    I don’t have one, but then even I find me dull.

    Goat Karma

    I’ve got a few.

    http://www.goatkarma.com/ (mainly for mates and family)

    http://theipod.tumblr.com/ (just to see if I could code the template around tumblrs API)

    http://www.holgablog.com/ (for film camera stuff).

    Man, I spend my life on the internet 🙁

    Premier Icon beamers

    I have two.

    This one covers our last two years in Canada:


    This is our current one:


    I use it for keeping friends and family updated on what we are up to. Anyone else would find it dull. You have been warned.

    My current one has been up since July 2003.
    stratobiker- a bloke a bike a blog

    I keep it because it pleases me. 😀


    I have a couple of my own sites (not blogs), I use them for disseminating info on a few hobbies I have. Judging by the comments/content added by members they’re not overly watched, but judging by the bandwidth used most people just sign up for info and then go on their way.

    I’ve got one, http://scottishmountainbikeguides.blogspot.com/. I’ve only had it for about a month or so – basically intend using it to log ride reports and keep customers up to date on the latest news, along with any other crap as I see fit.

    I’m going to get the website guy to do his stuff and put it somewhere on the main website soon.


    We set up a wordpress blog – http://www.innerhaven.net – when we were renovating our old house, turning it into accommodation.

    For us, it was a good way of getting on the internet’s radar before we were up and running. We still get folk visiting the blog and sending us comments – which reminds me, I better update it before it drops off the edge of cyber space!


    I have this one, that I use to post occasional photos for friends and family, and the odd rant about life in Holland:

    Premier Icon allyharp

    I used to use a wordpress blog to keep track of all my mtb rides. I got bored of it thought and only use it to write about big rides, the last of which was September

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    DrJ – nice photos.

    I’ve just started one. I shan’t be revealing it’s identity to anyone yet until I feel happy enough letting people into my thoughts (whereupon they’ll ignore me anyway).

    Premier Icon miketually

    I’ve just started one. I shan’t be revealing it’s identity to anyone yet until I feel happy enough letting people into my thoughts (whereupon they’ll ignore me anyway).

    Drop me a DM on Twitter when you feel like going public. Maybe it’ll spur me into updating mine.


    I have mine, It’s really just for me to brain dump on but it does get a lot of visits. I’d still do it if no-one visited it.


    It is nice to get comments though but i’m bad for visiting people’s websites and not leaving any comment.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Drop me a DM on Twitter when you feel like going public. Maybe it’ll spur me into updating mine.

    Will do. Got to write something interesting first. And I have high standards….


    I have a blog.

    It’s called “Stuart and Dave’s Transalp Blog”

    It’s all about Stuart and Dave’s feckless/hapless/witless approaches to training for a bike race in the summer.

    You can read it here.


    I met Alan Milburn once, at sixth form college.

    I find that topical or humerous blogs are OK sometimes, commercial ones a bit less so. Personal blogs, well I hold them in the same contempt that i do “family newsletters”


    I have one


    I find it motivates me to actually ride!! I started it because I entered transwales. I’m sure it is only interesting to me, but I have also met a few people through it which is nice.

    Premier Icon miketually

    Personal blogs, well I hold them in the same contempt that i do “family newsletters”

    Seems a bit harsh.


    we used one to keep friends/family informed during our cycle tour. I also link to it to pass on the information in there about kit etc when people ask about lightweight cycle touring. Unfortunately Ive let my fotopic account lapse so embedded photos are no longer linked.


    I also used blogger to report on the Pinder v Fox case at the end of last year. Seemed the best medium at the time since there were far to many ignoramuses on here to leave forum threads on the subject unfettered by idiot posts.


    Premier Icon twinklydave

    i used to write stuff for on-one, mostly about why i didn’t win races in a creative way 🙂
    someone once said something positive about what i wrote, which was just about the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me 🙂

    i also spout boring crap in a poorly constructed way on my own blog, which is used more as a way of letting my family know i’m not dead…


    I have a personal one, and I try to write about relatively interesting things rather than getting into introspection. When I’m just riding and hanging about at home, I don’t post on it much but recently I’ve been getting about a bit and trying to get interest from companies to help me do crazy races. TBH, after Iditarod I probably won’t be able afford to even keep my bike maintained let alone race for the rest of the year so the sponsorship angle is an important one for me.


    I should be getting around to writing about the Finnish Winter Swimming Championships sometime today

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