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  • Who else is being a sad fecker tonight?
  • Smee

    Lack of baby sitting options means that we shall be sitting in the house tonight. Doubt we’ll even bother staying up til 12.

    Anyone else being a jimmy nae pals tonight?

    On the upside qiuet trails tomorrow.

    i am babysitting, and, only drinking water…. all night


    Another one here but with drycold weather and two weeks off it has been the best riding for months..

    We were all supposed to be heading up to some friends tonight ñ but they have cancelled due to family illness so were just quietly celebrating at home ñ just glad that I had decide that it was too cold for a 100km+ ride over to theirs

    No go as kid too small and ill. Just like both of us. So tea, cakes, vodka and Talisker instead of a party. Hooray!


    Staying in here too. Nothing to do with babysitters though, none of my mates are going out – all staying in with wives, gf etc. Must be what happens at 28. Anyway – takeaway with wine and the dvd collection on the new 40″ telly beckons. That will do me.


    I’m at work till 7AM… deep joy.


    Yep, barricading the doors and leaving the phone off the hook until about 12.30 when I’ll be drunk enough to start the nuisance phone calls. Smee, I was suitably impressed by that bit of trail at the top of Cadden Bank you showed us at the weekend. Reckon that’ll be my default option from now on.


    rj – Glad to be of service.


    Stuck at home, two small kids too. Still, the kids and I will be out later to let off a couple of rockets 😀


    I’ve got tonsilitis so its a night in with no drink AND no riding tomorrow 🙁 🙁

    Premier Icon Daffy

    I’m soo very skint, that I have no choice but to be at home. Anyone wanna buy some wheels? 😥

    Premier Icon miketually

    Staying in is the new going out anyway.

    Premier Icon allyharp

    I really wish I was staying in 🙁

    Heading into a club in town. It’ll be fun for a while but I doubt I’ll be able to find anyone willing to leave before 4am closing time.

    Hopefully I won’t be too hungover to ride tomorrow!


    I’ve been roped into a 12hr shift of ‘if something happens will you fix it’ IT contracting. (sat in a data centre)

    suffice to say my wonderful new hip flask has a drop of 15yr old laphroaig in it, and i’m going to chill with 1984 (having never read it)

    but its all good, i’ll get paid for this next week which means i can look at starting to build my new (to me) frame 😉

    jt 😉


    Got the option of going to some do over in Waterloo, but I can’t be bothered, actually. The ones I love are all away, so we’re planning a get together at the weekend instead.

    I’m actually in the middle of a project, that I’m finding a lot of fun, so I’ll probably just have a few cans and potter away at it. Rock n’ Roll, eh?

    Just can’t get excited about NYE anymore. Must be getting old…


    working 10 till 7 tomorrow……..whats the big deal anyway??????

    Nice night in, I have washed the bike and fitted a new seat clamp, Becca has applied for a job and now the The Good Life is on 🙂 Might stick a film on later and open another bottle of Becks.



    Well, I’ve opened a Virtual Niteclub. I hope somebody comes…
    Free Entry!

    Not sad anymore as a bottle of Talisker awaits. And wife in a bath of bubbles 😛

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