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  • who else didnt ride today?
  • fastindian

    ok who else didnt ride today and what did you end up doing instead, me i went to costco, far more enjoyable than riding my bike – NOT!!! πŸ™

    I built dirt jumps, was probably more fun and more productive than riding in the rain and wind

    I did, first time in 3 months.

    Cold , wet and windy. Absolutely loved it πŸ˜€


    All of my bikes are in < 100% build state except the road bike so no riding for me today πŸ™ Did a bit of shopping and visited my parents with my wife instead. Here’s hoping that the postman delivers parts to complete my various builds this week, or Merlin pull one out of the bag and deliver my new Malt in record time.

    don simon

    I didn’t, fighting off attacks from dog haters…………. oh yes, 8 inches of snow too.

    Premier Icon ton

    i ate, then walked with the dog, then ate, then swam, then walked longer with the dog, and now i am gonna eat some more.


    Put my back out building the framework for my new shed yesterday I have spent most of today swallowing painkillers and groaning.

    I am now halfway down my 1st bottle of Doctor Timothy Taylors finest Pale ale back medicine with another 3 to go πŸ˜€


    Went climbing on my wall instead, couldn’t be bothered to get up and want to get rid of illness before kicking hell out of myself again


    Blowing a serious gale, driving rain and I had work to do all day.
    Boooo… Plus still havn’t shaken this winter chest\asthma thing off yet.

    Maybe next weekend. πŸ™

    Premier Icon miketually

    Having finally got rid of my cough and got my asthma under control, I now seem to have tonsillitis. Bum. No riding other than commuting for me for a while, I think.


    No bikes built (4 frames in the house and none built…sad) so went to Wakehurst place with the family and ate beetroot & orange cake; sounds bad but tasted lovely


    I didn’t – went to B&Q, fitted some window locks, reorganised my study to create a playroom for my daughter, fitted a set of blinds, cleared my bike workshop/parts bin up from the utility room, organised my tools, renewed my house insurance and fitted some outside lights. Amazed how productive I can be when not on my bike!

    Premier Icon domino

    I too went to costco – I wouldnt have been able to ride today as I have a poorly knee from falling off on the ice yesterday πŸ™


    I stayed in today and watched tv .I cant believe I have done it . My riding mojo didnt wake up at all.


    I didn’t. Still recovering from a chest infection but home to ride next weekend.

    I went to watch the Cyclocross National Champs in Bradford – see other thread.


    Very wet and very windy all weekend up here. I’ve probably put on half a stone.

    The wee lad just brought me popcorn … oh well.


    Got big green lumps coming up off my chest so went trials riding in the woods instead. Great fun but broke my rear mud guard and missed a club ride at the quantocks. Hay ho.


    I have not ridden for a month now….shocking.


    4 weeks with a chest infection. Rode over Xmas with it and think I made it worse, Cwm Carn at minus 7 on NYE morning was probably not the best thing to help shift it, really suffering now. Antibiotics and night nurse, joy!


    If it’s any consolation, I DID go riding today and almost wish I’d not bothered πŸ™ Wet, windy & exhausting.


    drove the wife around what seemed like all day and took a few snaps whenever we stopped, if I don’t get on my bike soon I’m gonna forget which way around to sit on it!!


    I rode yesterday with my non riding fiance as it was my birthday and she agreed to join me! She actually really enjoyed it and said she is up for it again. Today I started recording a new album, I got guitar and drums done for 5 tracks so am pleased. A good day!


    I didn’t bother this weekend the weather was horrendous, gutted

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    Got in 80k yesterday so not so bad to miss today. Family had a get together as I am 50 during the week. Got a spaceman flask holder, bottlle of brandy and some glasses which was nice.

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