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  • Which wheels- internal width vs boost conversion conundrum
  • Premier Icon somouk
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    Evening all,

    I have a new bike on the way and I’m undecided on what to do on the wheel front.

    It comes with WTB i29 rims on boost hubs to suit the bike. Cheaper hubs though and the wheels are the weakest bit of the build.

    I have some Hope Pro 2 Evo enduro wheels that I could put on the bike if I have them converted to boost but they are only 23mm internal width.

    So do I take the converted hope wheelset or keep the cheaper wider wheelset?

    What are the advantages either way? I’m a heavy lump but don’t ride hard or off anything big. We’re talking 29er aswell.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith
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    Which has the best resale value?

    I’d probably get shot of the non boost hopes while demand is still there and upgrade when you spot something nice on sale.

    Premier Icon somouk
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    The Hopes definitely have best resale and are a 142×12 and 100×15 set so while not boost they suit most bikes over a year or so old.

    Premier Icon reggiegasket
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    flog both sets and buy some Hope on EX511s?

    Premier Icon sillyoldman
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    What Reggie says.

    Premier Icon kimbers
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    Yep my new 29er came with i29 wtbs on cheapo formula hubs

    I bought some cheap Mavic xa elites, i25, i think i do notice a bit less grip, maybe thats in my head, certainly the tyre profile is more rounded.

    whats not in my head is that the wheels are over half a kilo lighter and the bike accelerates quicker, is easier to move around and is less of a drag on long days.

    so yeah sell both buy something light & wide

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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