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  • Which tripod for a SLR?
  • Looking to spend about £100 for a tripod for an SLR that weighs roughly 1.5 kg. I was thinking to go for a manfrotto. Any suggestions and places to buy would be handy, ta!


    Wex photographic usually good on prices.

    Type of tripod may depend on where or how you intend to use it. I have a lightweight tripod as I do mainly landscapes/outdoorsy photography that requires a lot ok walking/hiking. I don’t want a heavy / big tripod as I probably won’t end up taking it. However a sturdier tripod would be better to keep it steady though.

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    Not sure they’ll hit your £100 target, but I like Benro tripods. You might find them at that price on eBay or similar.

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    Worth checking out Ffordes for tripods/heads.
    A few years ago I managed to pick up a CF Manfrotto tripod and Markins Q ball head for under £200. Combined new price at the time was around £600.
    Reasonably light and easy to carry strapped to a decent bag.
    Still use them today.

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    Get a tripod and head separately. Those ones with two levers you can twiddle aren’t so good for photography aparently. I have a cheapo head from Jessops that was like £10 or something – not quite as nicely made or finely adjustable as a nice one but they are solid and hold your camera.


    I am after one too and will probably be getting the mefoto backpacker


    or if budget allows the carbon fibre road trip


    can get both on amazon.


    Mrs T went from a cheap one to a cf manfrotto one and the difference is amazing. Pushed her budget but it is lightweight so easy for her to lug about with all her other gear. A quality lightweight tripod is worth pushing your budget for imo. You’re way more likely to take it with you if its easy to carry. Huge or heavy and it’ll stay at home.

    she tried one of these and got on well with it. very similar to the mefoto ones above.

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    Manfrotto Bee Free. Light & compact, sturdy enough for a medium format if you don’t raise it right up.

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