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  • Which TCL course?
  • Looking to do a TCL course this year and been looking at the people that do this. Looking at Cycle Wild in Aviemore or maybe Cycle Active in the Lakes. But there are a couple of options closer to home, Eliot Palmer and Drew Michie. Has anybody used these guys? Does it matter much who I use to get the TCL, after all they are all on the list provided by British Cycling.

    One other thing. I see Liam Scott does a course and is much cheaper, why? I also see he is on the Cycle Active web site as an instructor. Does he not work for them anymore? Guess I could email him and ask.

    I don’t know the other guys but Jules at Cyclewild is a top bloke and delivers a very good course. The great thing about that course is that you ride some very nice trails in Aviemore as part of it. I lived round there and know it quite well but Jules showed me a few sneaky bits that I didn’t know about.

    Did the guys from Cycle Active do a thing in What MTB with him a few years ago?

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    Looking to do a TCL course this year and been looking at the people that do this

    Why? These guys also worked on and held the 1st BC mtb module for Lev2 coaches
    BC Lev2 mtb

    +1 for Jules btw.

    Why not? If it doesn’t matter who you go with then I might as well go with the closest. But I was thinking that with anybody that provides a service there might be good and bad.

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    Meant why do you want/need to do it?


    Cycle Wild is excellent, Jules used to work at Glenmore Lodge National outdoor sports centre.
    And I did my TCL/MBL with him a few years ago.

    Devs and a few other mates have been on a course with him this weekend.
    So you may get a more updated view on Cycle Wild.

    He did come local to the Moray area for the course. so he isnt tied exclusively to the Aviemore area, though I am not sure how far he is willing to travel.

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    Comes down to Dumfries and travels into Europe to do holiday courses with one of the companies on the mainland, forget which one
    Need a min number of perticipants to run a course though.

    Misunderstanding on the tinternet, who’d a thunk it. Sorry Trekster. Because I have been doing some work for a friend and have opportunities to do more, take lots of friends kids out and quite like the idea of doing some work with kids in the local community. Thought it better to have a proper qualification. Know quite a few folk that have used CycleWise actually now that I’ve asked around but I think I’d prefer to use somebody North of the Border. Don’t mind going to Aviemore, any excuse, but thought I’d ask if anybody had used the other guys.

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    I did my TCL assessment with Jules at Cyclewild and heartily recommend him. On top of just getting the qualification he’s an excellent coach, and I definitely came away from the day a better rider than when I started, which is pretty good value seeing as I was being assessed.

    Looks like I might have to give him a bell.

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