Snow and ice in the Lakes?

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  • Snow and ice in the Lakes?
  • Kit

    I know this is a bit like asking “so what’re the weather conditions like in Scotland” (i.e. pretty generalised question!) but, you know, humour me 🙂

    Thinking of heading down in the next couple of days, no idea where as yet, wondering how much snow/ice there is still around. Thinking Garburn Pass, Grizedale (not NF Trail), Ullswater as the areas I kinda know to ride.

    Ta muchly, Kit


    Its pretty much clear at the moment, Only icey bits are high level and in the sheltered bits,Garburn should be ok. 😉

    Around Coniston/Grizedale area theres not much left, its been relatively warm here the last few days.


    Up over Garburn today and it fine other than a couple of very obvious ice patches


    high street?



    There was a dumping of 4inches of fresh snow around Boxing Day in the Coniston/Grizedale area, after that it got warmer and just drizzled rain, I tried a round of Grizdale TNF trail on Wednesday 29th afternoon, it was a complete waste of time with 4inches of slushy snow, gave up after 30mins+. However, next morning (30th) in Coniston there was much less snow and probably even less now, a few days of higher temps makes a difference, so probably very ridable now with just patches in sheltered spots.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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