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  • Hairychested

    I've been on a Nokia E71 for almost a year and it's been very good. Ok, the camera is piss-poor, butif you can get non-bastardised version (i.e. not from a Vodafone store) you'll love it. Install Opera Mini, set the connections up and Bob's your uncle.


    e71 will do the above – been happy with mine

    camera is pish compared to a dedicated camera but its the best phone camera ive had …..


    How's the internet on the E71? Anyone compared it with the Iphone speeds?


    Speeds are fine, I run my office last year for a month when my intranet was down. Email never gave me any problems as long as I stayed clear of Hotmail. Yahoo and Gmail are fine.
    The original headphones were poor so needed changing.
    Nokia Maps are expensive, with an unlimited internet I use Google Maps though. You could buy proper navigating software though.
    When used on the continent the Nokia was faultless too. Besides, any issues are easy to fix due to the popularity of the make in Europe.
    I've managed to scratch the screen when I had keys and the phone in the pocket, but that's not really Nokia's fault, is it?


    Alright, all of these phones are driving me nuts. I'm looking for a smartphone to use personally, and also for the business. Personally, music would be good, but it's imperative that we can send and receive email (and preferably have them copied across to our laptop at home when we're back), surf the net and work with basic spreadsheets. Ideally it'll be on 02.

    So – which smartphone would you recommend? I'm aware of these:

    Iphone – great for music, not sure about spreadsheets.
    HTC – never used one.
    Palm Pre – out on Friday, could be good in that you can have multiple applications open at the same time.
    Blackberry – small screen? Apparently the internet is slow?
    Windows phone – only available through vodafone.

    Any recommendations? Email and spreadsheets are the crucial aspects.


    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    I'm interested to hear what people have to say, it seems O2 have a very limited amount of phones that will do push email now (I don't want a blackberry), I was hoping to get the E52 as I like my E51.
    I'll have to look like a **** & succumb to the new Iphone if someone can't help, any one know what the O2 XDA phones are like, the specs don't compare to the Iphone 🙁

    Premier Icon cp

    iPhone! Does everthing you want and there's several spreadsheet and office apps compatible with word and excel for creation and PowerPoint viewing. Email is great, music obvious and web superb!

    Roter Stern

    HTC are supposed to be ahead of the game. The Hero is, according to the reviews, head and shoulders above the iPhone.


    The palm-pre is imminent on O2 and will be free on certain tariffs with long(er) contracts.
    It's known as the iPhone killer in the states.

    Android phones also pretty slick. And I was impressed with the one I had a play on.

    Nokia smartphones are ok, but the OS without a touch screen is not so good. It relies on manually navigating around the web page with the directional button. Its OK but far from perfect. The newer Nokias with touch screen may be better – in particular the N97 but I don't think it offers a whole lot more over the current crop.

    fwiw – I am a Nokia smartphone user. It's perfect for my needs.


    I'd be considering an HTC Touch Pro 2 on Voda, if those were my requirements. Windows Mobile is still a bit jey, but it'll sync well/easily and has Office Mobile on it too.
    You'd do well to put a better web browser on it though.

    As you need the syncing to be easy & foolproof, avoid the HTC Hero – it has a weird contacts/calendar entry system & syncing is an issue (out of 3 PCs I tried, HTC's Sync software works on just 1).

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