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  • Which seal skinz socks?
  • stonemonkey

    Lightweight, merino, mid? Peak riding all weather?


    I’ve got the basic low ones and if I were buying again I would be tempted to get longer socks to reduce the risk of water running down your leg and into the sock – I am guessing the longer the sock the less water runs down in to them. Mine are pretty thick but reasonably warm and work a treat (apart from the rain issue above)


    I got the mid thermal ones – feet still got a tiny bit cold but not painful then numb like they normally do.


    I have some of the merino mid ones which I’ve never worn as they are too thick to fit in my shoes, even going up a size doesn’t work, can’t seem to find a shoe wide enough to be able to use them. Try for size with your own shoes before you buy if you can.


    Hmm didn’t have that problem with my Spesh BG shoes and the merino mid ones.


    I asked/was given a pair of the long ones (footie sock length) for christmas as I got very wet feet with normal seal skins on the Real Ale Wobble. They seem very good – warm and dry but TBH it’s been mainly cold waether rather than loads of water and mud.

    I’m told they were quite difficult to find – think most are sold to the huntin’ shootin’ fishin’ brigade


    dont bother, if you wear them with non winter boots they leak, if you do wear them with winter boots there so thick your feet get cold! Do what i did, get a pair of shimano MW80’s and a pair of Aldi ski socks-toasty and warm!


    Sealskin socks have all the charm of binbags for your feet.
    Bought some used them once and they are dust collectors now.

    Premier Icon Daffy

    None – they’re bollocks

    I’ll buck the trend then…

    I have ‘normal’ length seal skins and love them! Little but like wearing plastic bags i agree. But feet stay 95% dry, dont have an isses with depth of water very often.
    Great to keep out the quantock cold.
    Came home from 2 rides (Read WALKS!) in the snow over the last 2 weeks with dry feet.

    Im looking for some more, maybe a long pair so i can wash/wear/wash etc!


    ive got two pairs of mid light

    fantastic bit of kit that i wouldnt be without in the winter, in really horrendous conditions they are best worn with trousers so any run off is directed outside them, if worn with shorts you get some ingress at the tops.

    once wore them with bib tights in the snow/slush, poured about half a pint of water out when we stopped for lunch.

    try them with your bike shoes before you buy, they are pretty bulky.


    Ok ive got the venturi 3/4 length pants and salomon xa pro waterproof shoes, well i say water proof but their pretty knackered and leak. I am used to have soaking wet and freezing cold feet, just wanted them a little bit drier and warmer , so i’ll think i might give them a the shorter ones a try but the water will probably ingress at the top ,



    crispy bacon

    I have tried all three different length Sealskinz socks:

    Ankle – far too short & after the first splash you will have water inside them.

    Calf – far too long & in my experience not long after you start riding they wander down your leg & collect at your ankle. Would be OK if you wore long over trousers tho.

    Mid – IMHO they are just right although I wear a pair of MW80’s as well. They keep my feet warm & dry I have no complaints.

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