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  • Which light for unlit roads – your recommendations please!
  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    I think the newer USE road lights have beams designed to ‘cut off’ across the top and be mnore traffic freindly than the traditional ‘throw light everywhere’ mtb ones.


    USE Strada can be got for £150 on their outlet page…

    Have a dip function


    What do you use now? Budget? I use an Exposure Strada, and out with the club last Tuesday, in the lanes, it was great. Of course you get to spend more time on the front 😉 Two lights, one broad beam, and a remote dip switch.

    EDIT: as Turnerguy says. Mine was from their outlet. If you can still get one, it’s a great light fro that price. It also mounts upside down UNDER the bars, so looks a little nicer too.


    i’ve used a exposure enduro maxx & joystick (separately and together) because that’s what i have.

    enduro is great, the joystick is ok, sometimes left me wishing for a little more.

    have used some cheapo battery ones but always come back to the reliability of exposure stuff.

    I was going to suggest strada too.

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    As above, Exposure Strada is the obvious choice. I started using one last winter and 95% of the time it copes fine, on a fast descent I generally wish for a bit more light but the simple solution is to slow down a bit 😉 If there’s a uprated lumen version this year it might be perfect (apart from the price). The bar mount remote is good to, allows you to quickly ‘dip’ them if a car comes without moving your hands off the tops.


    Having been nearly ‘caught short’ last night (7.45, unlit lane, dense trees …), it’s time to face up to the inevitable cost of a decent light.

    So, looking for recommendations for a road light, bar mounted, cordless (I don’t want a seperate battery pack), and with a run time of at least 2 hrs on unlit country back roads. It needs to be powerful enough to see far enough ahead when riding fast, and to spot potholes, suicidal bunnies etc before I hit them. But have the right beam / angle to not dazzle car drivers, especially on singletrack roads.

    I have been looking at the Moon XP 500 – but any other recommendations? What do you use?


    I have just recieved the Exposure Race Mk7.

    I’m very impressed with it so far. It’s comparable to the Strada, just a bit of a weight shave.

    Not had any reall issues, but out with it on Saturday, so give it a proper 40 test.

    Premier Icon iainc

    My road loop from the house is all bar 2 miles on unlit country roads. I normally use just a Joystick on the bars, which is fine up to around 20mph. If its either a manky night, or I am feeling particulary like going fast, i will pop the Maxx D on the bars instead, but it’s a bit overkill most of the time (when on mtb use Maxx D on bars and Joystick on helmet)


    Just bought one of these as a compact convenient commuting light. USB charger, simple Cateye bracket and plenty of light for roads/dark lanes. Exceeded my expectations and feels very well built too.


    Premier Icon jkomo

    Merlin got light sale at mo.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Reluctant – that Cateye looks pretty good, might get one for this winter.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Sue, are you planning on going to the Cycle Show in Birmingham next week? Not sure if they’ll be there this year but in the past USE/Exposure have had a stand there in the “Market Zone” selling off last year’s stock at discounted prices.

    I’ve got a couple of Exposure Diablo lights, one of the original ones and the Mark II. I like the helmet/bar mounting options and buying the same thing at least means it’s one charger for the lot.

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