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  • Where to go for a weeks tour in the UK?
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    So myself and a couple of mates were originally planning to spend a week mid may in the alps biking. After discovering this was most likely too early in the season we have now taken a slightly different route and booked a motorhome instead and planning a week somewhere in the UK.

    Apart from planning a few days down at Afan and around the Gower we haven’t got anything else planned yet. We were thinking potentially moving up through Wales and onto Scotland.

    We have pretty much been exclusively riding graded trail centres but open to anything interesting.

    Can anyone recommend a couple of places worth looking at?

    We are based in Herefordshire and have ridden FOD, Hopton, Cannock, Cwmcarn, Swinley etc so looking for places that we wouldn’t be able to get to on a day trip normally.

    Cheers in advance!

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    Go to the Lakes and try some ‘natural’ trail riding? Loads of routes on here and other mtb mags websites, stunning scenery, great towns (Ambleside Keswick especially) great local beer, motor home friendly with lots of lay-bsy, car parks and camp sites.

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    Ah yeah that sounds pretty good. I’m guessing there is probably a weeks riding there alone, so is there anything specific to look for?

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