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  • Where to find smallholding/small farm to rent?
  • andyl

    Moved house back in November and things have not worked out so looking for somewhere new to move into as soon as our fixed 6 month tenancy ends. We have sheep so making sure we have a least an acre (or preferable 10+) hence the title.

    So far I have been looking on rightmove, uklandandfarms and greenshifters but wondered if anyone knew any other places to look (have been to see the local agricultural land surveyer/auctioneer too)

    Plan was to save up over the current year and sell my flat in town to fund somewhere but need to find somewhere new to rent quickly. Will be speaking to CAB about ways to get out of our current contract (landlord not fulfilling obligations) but will probably have to wait it out for 4 months 🙁

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    Whereabouts are you?

    National Trust or English Heritage may have something on their estates, try any large landowners that may have small farms or properties with agricultural tie ins. I know there are one or two such properties in the Peak District occasionally see the clause in sale details


    Any options for pasture separate to a house?
    Try some of the big land agents, Smiths Gore have a few small holdings/houses with paddocks on a couple of the big estates around our way.


    not sure if they do rental stuff, but do a search for these

    Rural Scene national equestrian properties and rural property specialist estate agents.

    usually have some nice stuff on

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    Hens teeth.


    we are looking for separate land at the moment but still want to move.

    We were promised the landlord would do us a ‘good deal’ on the 0.9 acre behind the house and possibly more by the agent but that has materialised to the landlord wanting top horse rate despite the land having no fencing or proper access which we were happy to sort along with taking any other acreage they have off their hands for top agricultural rate. We accepted to pay above what we were happy for this place due to this verbal ‘promise’ that has not materialised.

    We are down to the south of Bristol. Unfortunately it is the demand for horse grazing that has pushed up prices and people are getting greedy.

    I have since found out from the owners previous planning applications that this place has agricultural ties in place so tbh I am wondering if the contract might be null and void anyway. We were planning on making a real go of our sheep farming so it could be classed as the OH’s main income over her part time work.


    Looked at contract grazing for Natural England/National Trust/Wildlife Trusts?
    We struggle to find someone that doesn’t want to put 200 sheep in for 12 months of the year and plough the place up for rye grass for conservation grazing of our more sensitive small sites.
    If only you had 2 or 3 small cows in the Brecon Beacons, I have some upland wooded pasture.

    Would you be interested in buying in Leicestershire?
    We have something that may be of interest to you.
    Pm me if you are.

    Can you even pm on here?

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