Where do I look for vans?

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  • Where do I look for vans?
  • Premier Icon schmiken

    This might seem like a stupid question, but where are the best places to look for a van? We’ve pretty much decided on a Vivaro crew cab, looked on Autotrader and eBay. Is there anywhere else we should really be looking?

    Budget is around 6k.

    At that budget I would go to commercial auction days, go to a couple first to get a feel for it.
    It will be where most vans from independent dealers come from before being covered in silicon spray and tyre shine.


    Merthyr Motor Auctions, tons of vans there usually.

    Mine came from http://www.vanmonster.com – classy sounding, eh?

    Premier Icon steveh

    Ebay, autotrader and gumtree. Look for private sales and if you aren’t in a rush you should find one at a good price.
    Auctions are an option but will be expensive compared to what you can get in other ways.

    Also remember to look at trafic and primastar variants – all are the same, made in the same factory, same engines and running gear and only badges change.


    Schmiken, I have a good 2008 Vivaro Crew Cab that I was just about to put on the classifieds here. It sounds as though it might be what you are looking for. If you would like some further details and photos please mail me (address in profile).

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    Good choice of van!

    I’d say definitely try to get a private sale. Not paying vat will get you a lot more van.

    I found mine on auto trader and luckily it was local so I could have a good look at it, drive and even speak to the garage who had been looking after it.


    Dont go to an auction unless you really know what your doing find a good private sale or reputable dealer and get the waranty do not go back street tradeing estate monkey who bought it cheap and tarted it up

    Premier Icon schmiken

    madzaba – YGM. Everyone else, thanks!

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